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Pharmacists and the Pharmacy

The Mission Statement of our Pharmacy Department at Mount Carmel Hospital is to “provide a high quality pharmaceutical care that is cost-effective, compassionate and involves a personal commitment”.
All practicing pharmacists are obliged to ensure that the pharmaceutical service being provided to every patient is of appropriate quality. Good Pharmacy Practice is a means of clarifying and meeting that obligation.
The Pharmacy Department is constituted by its three main sections namely the:
Dispensary, which deals with the dispensing of medicinal products, including methadone and medical devices to MCH wards, patients discharged on leave, and to hospital staff.

Pharmacy Stores, which cater for the stock ordering and management of all pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

Clinical Pharmacy Section, which is responsible for providing medicines information service to healthcare professionals
  • Pharmaceutical professional staff provides invaluable information regarding:
  • Specific medications
  • Patient compliance
  • Expected benefits
  • Expected side-effects and how to deal with them
  • Contraindications / specific precautions
  • Drug allergies
  • Drug interactions
  • Storage requirements
  • Mode and frequency of administration
  • Mode of action of medication  
It is imperative that professional information regarding the above criteria reaches both the patients themselves and their respective family members. This is most significant when patients are discharged or when they are sent home for a specific period of leave. Delivering the correct information in the best way that the patient and relatives can understand may be the factor that determines the well-being of the patient. Furthermore it may be the factor that prevents relapse and re-admission.