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Functions of the Almoner''s Office

  1. Deposits by patients into their accounts
  2. Applications for cash withdrawals to pay patients
  3. Therapy Allowance
  4. Dept. of Social Security Benefits
  5. Patients'' Belongings
  6. Disposal of Deceased Patients'' Belongings
  7. Liaison with Identity Cards Office
  8. Deceased Patients'' Identity Cards
  9. Leprosy Beneficiaries
  10. Deposits by Accounts Section


Deposits by patients into their accounts​

  • This Office accepts  deposits from patients and/or relatives and opens personal accounts in patients'' names on Form DH 278.
  • Deposits can be effected in cash or cheques.
  • An official receipt is always given for every individual deposit made.
  • DSS benefits are received either as cheques in individuals'' names or as a collective list known as Transfer Voucher.
  • Transfer Voucher amounts are entered into individual accounts at Almoner''s.
  • Monies deposited at Almoner''s are deposited in a commercial bank in one collective account.
  • Withdrawals from the bank are effected periodically to ensure an adequate supply for individual withdrawals at Almoner''s.

Applications for cash withdrawals to pay patients

  • Withdrawals from individual accounts can be effected either by the patient, or by the ward nurse, the latter filling the appropriate forms- MCH 051 or MCH 115.
  • The patients themselves can withdraw up to €10 daily just by signing the cash book, - up to €50 daily by providing Form MCH115, or withdraw the whole amounts over €50  in the form of a cheque and providing Form MCH115.
  • All transactions are manually registered on a cash book and saved on computer.
  • Requests by Almoner''s for the depositing and withdrawals from the bank are processed by the Accounts Section.

Therapy Allowance 

Every month the Occupational Therapy Unit provides the lists of patients attending the Unit''s regular sessions at the Colony. The Almoner applies for the requested money allowances through the Accounts Section and upon authorization withdraws the amounts indicated from the bank and distributes it according to the OTU list.

Dept. of Social Security Benefits Patients'' Social Security benefits in the form of Cheque Payments received at Mount Carmel Hospital are registered at the Almoner''s and withdrawn by the patient against his/her signature.

Patients'' Belongings The Almoner accepts patients'' belongings such as personal papers, ID cards, passports, bank account books etc for safe keeping. Belongings are registered on the appropriate forms (copy provided) one copy kept by the Almoner and another kept in the patients'' medical file. On a patient''s discharge such belongings are withdrawn against patient''s and nurse''s signature.

Disposal of deceased patients'' belongings In such cases the department of Health''s Legal Office, is informed. Next of Kin or the responsible persons concerned are asked to produce, without prejudice, documents concerning the deceased person. These documents are forwarded to the Legal Office and the Almoner disposes of the deceased''s belongings according to the Legal Office''s instructions.

Liaison with Identity Cards Office 

Renewals and re-issuing of of hospital patients are effected in collaboration between Almoner''s office and the I.D. Cards department.

Deceased Patients'' Identity Cards 

I.D. cards of deceased patients are returned to the Public Registry by the Almoner against a signature of the Officer in Charge of the Public Registry.

Leprosy Beneficiaries 

This Office applies every month for the issuance of the monthly Ration Allowance for the five remaining leprosy patients who used to reside at Tal-Ferha Residence.

Deposits by Accounts Section 

The Accounts Section at the hospital avails itself of the services of the Almoner when there is need for bank deposits, withdrawals or payments for the processing of documents concerned with this section.