Support Services
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Support Services

The Support Services at Mount Carmel Hospital is made up of the following sections:
  • Cleaners Government Employees
  • Contractor Cleaning Services
  • Couriers
  • Gardeners
  • General Services
  • Hair Dressing / Barber
  • Hospital Auxiliaries
  • Receptionists
  • Scheme Workers
  • Transport
Cleaners Government Employees / Contractor

Supervision of the cleaning of wards and other areas in our Hospital Planning of the work schedule is done days before and service personnel are assigned to the various chores needed. The office staff inspects the various wards of the Hospital on a regular basis, surprise visits are also done to all wards.
All liquids used in the wards are of the best quality found on the market and up to the health and safety standards. Every morning the staff checks all wards, although; the Contractor workers have their own supervisor, it is our responsibility to see that the standard required by the Hospital is kept according to the contract. We emphasis with the contracter that only the best is accepted. Special attention is taken so that the wards are manned by the right persons.
On a daily basis the section manages 35 Contractor personnel besides our own employees and the part-timers.

The hospital has a compliment of two gardeners they are responsible of all hospital ground gardens, which mostly consist of citrus trees. One has to say that for the large amount of gardens the hospital has, the gardeners are doing a great job and they keep a clean and well maintained environment. The gardeners are sometimes helped by rehabilitated patients, but these are only allowed to assist and they cannot use machinery or tools.
General Service

This is a very important section, for the hospital, because the 5 employees in it who work on a D.D.N.O.O, shift basis, have to take care of all the odd jobs that arise daily, besides their normal duties. Their daily duties are the distribution of milk and daily ration, the mid-day lunch and evening dinner to various wards, the carrying of Oxygen cylinders and any other service as necessary.On night shift, their duties include the emergency cleansing of wards, carrying deceased corpse to the mortuary room and transporting urgent blood samples to Mater Dei Hospital.
Hairdressing / Barbers

The barber/hairdresser unit is composed of three persons, 2 females and a male, working on the BBO shift.  The hairdressers'' works from 9.00am to 2.30pm. The barbers main duties are the daily shaving of the patients beards and hair cutting, when necessary we also utilize them for other jobs as needed by the section. The hairdresser''s job consists mainly of taking care of the female patients, such as hair cutting, hair treatment and hair tinting when necessary.
Scheme Workers

This is a very successful scheme in which patients are motivated to rehabilitate and lead a normal life. At present there are 35 persons in this scheme. The patients in this scheme are monitored by the support services staff liaising with Social Workers and Occupational Therapist.  (Ms. Miriam Zammit and Ms. Tracy Falzon.) Patients/ex-patients are allocated in various sections such as gardeners, receptions, offices, ward, launderette and general services. The launderette is totally managed by the scheme workers under the supervision of the Support Services staff.
Transport Section

The transport section is composed of 13 drivers, 1 mechanic and 2 supervisors (Mr. Lawrence Mifsud and Mr. Dennis Sghendo). The transport section''s main work is that of providing transport services to the hospital, such as transporting patients from one Hospital to another, for out-patient services and taking patients for outings besides other services.
Another important service provided by the transport section, is during the elections (general, local councils, or referendum), this is a very responsable job for all those taking part, but thanks to good planning from the administration, everything is always done to everybody''s satisfaction. Besides their normal duty the transport, Transport Section also helps out in all activities organized by the Hospital Management.