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Customer Care

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone who feels aggrieved can write to the Customer Care Unit submitting his/her complaint. This includes patients, guardians, relatives and hospital staff .

Contacting the Customer Care Unit

The Customer Care Unit is located just outside the Main Entrance Door to Mount Carmel Hospital. Complaints are entered on a ‘Standard Form'' which is available at the Main Reception Area of the Hospital. Customers can write the nature of their complaints, compliments or suggestions on this form and forward it to:


Address: The Chairman,
Customer Care Unit,
Mount Carmel Hospital
Notabile Road

Tel: 23304444, 23304445


Alternatively, the form may be posted in the ‘Post Box'' in the Main Reception Area. An acknowledgement is always sent to the person concerned.

Ensuring that necessary action is taken

All complaints are dealt with as quickly as possible. A separate file is opened for each case which is then forwarded to the appropriate officer responsible for the section, depending on the nature of the complaint. Each case is duly followed, in order to ensure that the necessary action is being taken by whoever is responsible. A reminder is also sent to the officer concerned if an answer is not given within a reasonable time. If a client is not sati satisfied with the answer given, s/he can write back to the Customer Care Unit and, if necessary, an investigation is made in an effort to find a plausible solution.

Mission Statement


Effective customer care is vital in health care due to the delicate and personal nature of the service. The aim is to instil good customer relations with each and every person, whether a patient, relative, or member of staff. It provides a personalised service to those customers who require guidance and assistance regarding complaints or difficulties which they may encounter during their stay at the hospital.