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Mission Statement
Mount Carmel Hospital aims to promote mental health within the Maltese society by:  Providing through specialist multi-disciplinary teams, a comprehensive and integrated range of community and hospital mental health service. Assisting persons with mental health problems who require specialist treatment and care as well as support for their social network.


Dr Stephanie Xuereb, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Daniel Gauci, Head of Operations

Dr Anton Grech, Clinical Chairman Psychiatry

Dr Victoria Sultana, Director Nursing

Ms Maryanne Bonello, Chief Nursing Manager

Mr Lawrence Cauchi, Financial Controller

Mr Michael Gonzi, Director IM & T

Ms Debattista Fonk, HR Manager


Mental Health Services​


Health and Support

If you feel that you need to speak to someone about your mental health you can refer to one of the Health Clinics for assessment and subsequent care planning. Alternatively you can request a referral by a doctor to one of the Mental Health Clinics.  

In-Patient Services

·         Acute In-Patient Services

·         Rehabilitation In-Patient Services

·         Addiction In-Patient Services 

Community Mental Health Services Menu


·         Community Mental Health Teams

·         Outreach Team

·         Community Rehabilitation Centres

·         Hostels and Community Homes


Child and Young People’s Services


Speciality Services

·         Addiction Service

·         Old Age Psychiatry Service

·         Eating Disorder Service

·         Intellectual Disability Service

·         MDH Liaison Service

·         Neuropsychiatry MDH Clinic

·         Perinatal Mental Health Services

·         TMS Service

·         MCAST Well Being Hub Service

·         University Psychiatric Clinic



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