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Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT)
The Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT) service is a specialist mental health team that provides timely and compassionate psychiatric care to individuals in a mental health crisis.

Throughout the CRHT interventions, service-users are empowered to address their mental health crises and to reinforce their resilience through the provision of evidence-based interventions and psychoeducation. Additionally, the team liaises with caregivers and other stakeholders to facilitate the resolution of the mental health crisis, and endeavours to facilitate the smooth, professional, and non-traumatic transition to other services. Ultimately, service-users are encouraged to foster adaptive coping abilities so that they may avoid or reduce the severity of future crises and achieve a fulfilling and good-quality life, while decreasing the need for psychiatric hospitalisation.

To achieve this, the team operates from Monday to Sunday between 07:00 and 18:00 from the newly refurbished CRHT Clinic outside Mount Carmel Hospital grounds. The team offers intensive follow up at the CRHT Clinic or at the service-user’s residence or community.

Individuals are referred by specialists and trainees in psychiatry after review by the Emergency Psychiatric Service, which operates at the Accident and Emergency Department on a 24/7 basis. For further information kindly contact 23304500/1.
From Press Release​​ dated 9/12/2021

Mental Illness and Financial Capability Project
Financial literacy and financial capability play an important role in building the capacity of a person to manage finances wisely. Sometimes there may be challenges and barriers to action, such as in the presence of mental health problems.

Mental health issues can reduce the ability to understand financial matters, hinder correct budgeting, lead to poor judgement, or trigger impulsive behaviour. Consequently, these problems can place a person at a greater risk of falling into poverty and, in the more serious cases, impede independent living. Such circumstances can add further health difficulties, such as stress, anxiety, depression and decreased life satisfaction.

The building of financial capability and mental health care can work together to achieve financial inclusion and a better quality of life. Increasing financial capability – defined as a person’s ability to manage finances effectively in order to sustain quality living within one’s means – can produce other tangible benefits for the individual, such as:
- increasing living standards,
- promoting savings behaviour,
- planning ahead,
- making ends meet,
- staying informed,
- experiencing fewer mood swings, and
- being better focused, being unable to cope with financial decisions unless these are broken down into manageable chunks, and finding it hard to manage own finances in a forward-looking manner.

It is important that persons feel confident in handling current and future expenditure and income flows, as well as having a mindset geared towards correct financial behaviour. Equally useful is the ability to prioritise and set realistic goals.

Overview about the project
A collaboration has been set up between Mental Health Malta and ĠEMMA, which is a government based service within the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights, and Social Solidarity. ĠEMMA has also been awarded funds from an EU project to educate various groups in the community. ĠEMMA, works in partnership with the HSBC Malta Foundation. Modus Operandi of Gemma currently includes setting up a 5 year strategic partnership (2020-2025), in order to ensure that the project will run to its full course.

What has been done so far:
- Memorandum of Understanding for the Strategic Partnership between ĠEMMA – Plan, Know, Act and the Community Mental Health Unit at the Health Division
- Preparation of program material
- Mental Health and Financial Capability pilot workshop. Workshop consisted of 4 training sessions for community mental health services users. Workshops are aimed at helping persons living with mental illness achieve a solid foundation required to manage current income and expenses and plan for future possibilities. A step-by-step process is adopted, while taking stock of the special challenges being faced by persons who suffer mental health problems

- Online presentation for MH professionals to introduce Mental Health and Financial Capability workshops for service users
- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 1: Cohort: 40+
- Mental Health and financial Capability Workshop 2.  Cohort: Young Adults

Further sessions that are due:
- Trainer sessions for Community Occupational Therapists to continue to disseminate training for service users
- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 3
- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 4

- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 5
- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 6

- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 7
- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 8

- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 9
- Mental Health and Financial Capability Workshop 10
- Termination of project

Service user testimonials
"Il-workshops għenuni biex nitgħallem inqassam il-flus biex inkun kapaċi nwettaq il-pjanijiet tiegħi għall-futur. Inħeġġeġ liż-żagħzagħ biex jidħlu għal dan il-kors u ma’ jaqtgħux qalbhom għax utli ħafna."

"Dawn il-workshops għenuni biex infaddal għall-futur tiegħi u ta’ uliedi, biex huma ikunu aħjar minnhi."

"Fejn qabel kont nonfoq kollox, illum -il ġurnata qed infaddal 50 Euro fil-ġimgħa."

"Tgħallimt li jekk għandi 10Euro, nonfoq in-nofs ħa jkolli xi ħaġa fil-but."

"Irnexxieli nagħraf id-differenza bejn needs and wants. Irrealizzajt li aktar niffoka fuq wants milli needs, b’hekk qed nonfoq ħafna flus bla bżonn."

Financial Capability Project: A Mental Health Malta / GEMMA / HSBC Foundation Collaboration

Well being 360 project
For service users, relatives & the general public

November webinar
A collaboration has been set up between Community Occupational Therapists and MHS Psychologists.  The November Webinar, entitled "Is-Saħħa Mentali u l-Kura Personali" will be delivered by Dr.Sandra Borg Esposito.  Webinar shall focus on stress and the importance of taking care of one’s mental health wellbeing through self-care.

Target audience: Service users, relatives and the general public.

Description of Well Being 360 online sessions:
  1. Aim of the project: To engage and educate service users benefitting from Mental Health Services (MCH & Community services) and the general public
  2. Online monthly webinar series
  3. Well Being 360 will be hosting various speakers and topics.

Zoom meeting: 30th November 2021
Time: 10.00am-11.00am 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 9227660736
Passcode: 987901

Thank you for your cooperation,
MHS Psychologists & Community Occupational Therapists


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