Information for the General Public
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Information for the General Public

The following are some downloads suitable for the general public:


Panda Video 
European Antibiotic Awareness Day - The Hedgehog Animation TV Spot 
European Antibiotic Awareness Day - The Lightbulb TV Spot – English


The EAAD was first organised by ECDC on the 18th November 2008 and annually thereafter. The following are some examples from past initiatives

 Pre-EAAD  National initiatives

Poster (2003)
Fuljett (MT) (2003)
Leaflet (EN) (2003)

EAAD local initiatives
Annual Report (First)
Eurobarometer Report (1)
Billboard at Msida Circus (EAAD2008 - first EAAD)
Billlboard at Marsa (EAAD2008 ​- first EAAD)
EAAD Factsheet 
EAAD Patient Brochure
EAAD Poster
Campaign TV advert​
EAAD Newsletter
BillBoard update 1
Billboard update 2
EAAD video 

 In the news (Local Media):

Maltese are popping antibiotics ‘just in case’
Pharmacists appear tough on sale of antibiotic tablets 
Bug fears grow over crisis in antibiotics 
Beware the mosquito bite... and antibiotics 
The death of antibiotics 
Guidelines being drawn up on use of topical antibiotics 
‘We need to step up the fight’ 
Antibacterial creams still available over the counter 
Joint effort to cut use of antibiotics ‘possible’
Hooked on antibiotics? National study finds ‘worrying’ 30% increase in consumption
Antibiotic Resistance in Malta now among the highest in Europe 
Maltese Among most likely to use antibiotics... even for the flu virus
World Health Day: Maltese Prescribed double antibiotic dose as Swedes
Hospital superbug present in community
Malta has a high incidence of virus MRSA and Maltese take too many antibiotics - Media uses the wrong term VIRUS for the bacterium MRSA. This gives the wrong impression that antibiotics work on viruses. The Media should avoid such statements!

Health Minister Press Statement 5th EAAD (Nov 2012):
Substantial decline in antibiotics use without prescription
Use of antibiotics without prescription declining, but more needs to be done
Eurosurveillance editorial on the 5th EAAD.

The following are some links suitable for the general public:

ECDC website

The following is a link especially dedicated to students and teachers:

E-bug website