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Blood Donors MT App: Help

​A new application for Blood Donors has been created named Blood Donors MT. The Blood Donors MT Mobile Application is aimed to facilitate the communications between the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) and the general public. More specifically, the Blood Donors MT Mobile Application provides:
a) News Notifications from NBTS;
b) Events Schedule;
c) Blood Journal;
d) General Information about blood and NBTS.
The Blood Donors MT Mobile Application provides the facility to record your personal blood donations – the inputted data will be stored on the device itself, meaning that no data is shared and/or stored outside your device. The app provides the functionality to send your inputted donation data (journal) via email – hence providing a backup mechanism of such information, should the device be reset or changed.
Please download on you smartphone and share. Click here​
Donors MT App

See the below video for a guide on how to use the 
​Blood Donors MT App