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Blood Collection Centre

NBTS Facade


The mission of the National Blood Transfusion Services is to provide an adequate, safe blood supply that satisfies the demand of local hospitals. Clinically, donated blood is mainly used for surgeries, major trauma cases, cancer patients requiring chemotherapy and thalassaemia patients. The lives of such patients largely depend on the generosity and continued support of blood donors. 

The increasing demand for blood often offers the NBTS tough challenges to maintain adequate blood stocks albeit the generous donations from our donor pool. Statistically, it is a known fact that a large percentage of the healthy Maltese population does not give blood. Therefore, this is my message targeted to such persons.  Do not wait for a personal experience to become aware that blood can save lives. Do not hesitate to come forward and donate blood. It is an altruistic deed, special for yourself and lifesaving to others.

I would like to end this message by thanking all blood donors and lapsed donors for their priceless, life-saving gifts of blood. I am also grateful for those persons who attempt to donate blood but are ineligible to do so.  

Alexander Lautier
Charge Nurse
a/Manager Donation Services