Establishment of Blood, Tissue and Cell Centre
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Establishment of Blood, Tissue and Cell Centre

The Ministry for Health, as part of its objective to improve service delivery in the health sector and also to contribute to research and innovation in Malta, has embarked on the following project: 

Establishment of Blood, Tissue and Cell Centre For Malta

This project is funded by the Recovery and Resilience facility of the European Union.

In order to ensure the success of this project, a legal review of the various laws which might directly or indirectly impact the implementation of the project has been carried out with the objective of removing any bottlenecks which might hamper the successful implementation and operation of the new centre. The review was split into 2 phases as per below:

A consultation process was carried out to establish which legislation, whether national or otherwise, might have an impact on the development of Establishment for Blood tissues and cells. 

Phase 2
An exercise has been carried out to determine whether the policies, practices, procedures and operations adopted by National Blood Transfusion Service comply with the legislations identified in the phase 1 report.  

The following are areas, amongst others, which were reviewed as part of this exercise:
1. Blood and Tissue legislation
2. Equality and Accessibility
3. Data Protection and freedom of information
4. Ethics and Patient Rights
5. Environment
6. State Aid
7. Legal Review relating to competition law

Both reports can be accessed via these links:-

Funded by EU