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The national blood transfusion unit strives to provide a sustainable safe blood supply in the Maltese Islands. The services offered include counselling to donors, basic biochemical screening and awareness campaigns on the importance of blood donation. For further information or appointment once can contact us on 22066201 or 79307307 (office hours), land line free phone 80074313 or e-mail us on

Message from the Director
Welcome ....
Have you ever needed a blood transfusion? Do you know any relatives or close friends who required a blood transfusion? Well, maybe not, but do you know if you or your loved ones will need a blood transfusion in the near future? I am sure that most of us cannot answer that question. However many people receiving blood today certainly did not know they will be requiring a blood transfusion a few days ago.
I am also certain that all of us would like to rest assured that if we require blood, it is readily available and safe to be transfused. The aim for the existence of our blood transfusion service is to provide a sustainable and safe blood supply. The idea behind this site is to inform all interested on what we do at the blood bank.
However the bottom line in all blood banks is that blood must be available. The only people who can guarantee this are the generous, altruistic donors. There are donors on cold winter days and in scorching summer heat. There are donors who come within hours when we call them. There are donors who sometimes wait an hour for them to donate. To all these donors I sincerely thank them. They have saved and are saving lives daily. To those who may donate but are not donors, please, there are children, mothers and fathers, elderly people who need your donation. It costs you nothing, it may be slightly inconvenient, time consuming etc, however what is all this next to saving a life?
If after browsing through this site you become a donor or recruit a new donor this site and all the work put into it would certainly have been worth it.
 Dr. Alex Aquilina
Director/Responsable Person NBTC

 Where Are We
National Blood Transfusion Service

Ċentru ta' l-Għotja tad-Demm,
Pjazza San Luqa, G'Mangia. MSD 1010.
Tel:- 22066201 / 79307307
Free phone:-80074313

Opens everyday from Monday to Sunday
including Public Holidays
between 8.00am and 6.00pm

The Blood Mobile Unit

The Mobile Unit is available on request
of Voluntary Organizers
Between 8.00am and 1.00pm.
For further information click here

Gozo Xewkija Berġa

Blood Collection at Gozo Xewkija Berġa.
Tel:- 21556461
Open every alternate Sunday between 8.30am and 1.00pm and
every alternate Tuesday between 1.00pm and 5.00pm.

For details view schedule.

Services offered at the National Blood Transfusion Service Malta include the following:-
Counselling Service to Donors
Available to donors considered to need particular counselling.
A Basic Biochemical Screen for regular blood and platelets donors (history of the last 2 years regular donations) comprising Serum Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Glucose Testing can be done every 2 years, on Saturdays between 8.00am and 9.00am by appointment. For more information or appointment please call on 22066201.
Talks and Informative Sessions
When requested, our members of staff offer talks and informative sessions about blood donation and its process in schools, organizations, TV and radio programmes. For further information or appointment one can call us on 22066201; Free phone:-80074313 or 79307307 or e-mail us on