Mobile Blood Donation Unit
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Mobile Blood Donation Unit

Mobile Blood Donation Unit
The Blood Donation Mobile Unit visits various localities and places of work during the year. This facilitates and encourages the recruitment of new blood donors, especially those who have limited free time. The mobile unit collects more than 3000 units of blood per year and has become an important source of blood collection. When the Blood Donation Mobile Unit visits a town or villages we call this event a BLOOD DRIVE.
There are some criteria to be met before a blood drive can be organised. These are:
Identify a contact person, normally the person organizing the event prepare a list of about 25 persons who are ready to donate blood, and encourages new ones. Keep in contact with the person on the list to remind them of the event.
Those organisers or employers who do not succeed to meet the above criteria, but have a small number of donors who would like to donate, can still help by sending the group to the blood donation centre at G'Mangia. For further information, you can call on 79307307 or 22066209 or e-mail us at
As the Mobile Unit is 80 feet long with stairs on the side. There should be adequate space for parking. Sloping areas are not appropriate.
Here are some ideas and materials that can be used when organizing a blood drive.
The Blood Donation Mobile Unit is available from 8.30 am till 1.00 pm
Below you can find the schedule of where we are going to be for the next 28 days. In case of difficulty, please call us on 79307307 or landline 22066201 or freephone 80074313. 
Blood Collections at Gozo are held at Xewkija Berġa every alternate Sunday between 8.00 am till 1.00 pm and every alternate Tuesday between 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm.  Map for Gozo Xewkija Berġa​​​For further information see the below schedule or call us on 79307307. 

Blood Drives Schedule
Gozo on Tuesday from 1.00 pm-5.00 pm at Xewkija Berġa
Gozo on Sunday from 8.00 am-1.00 pm at Xewkija Berġa
'U'- preceding place means Mobile Blood Donation Unit
'T'- preceding place means Blood Donation Set up at a particular building/place
Each event is preceded by a notification including more details in the Blood Donor MT App
All events are subject to change, again a notification is submitted in Blood Donor MT App
23-09-2021 Thu, U-Mount Carmel Hospital, 
26-09-2021 Sun, Gozo Xewkija Berga and U-Hal Safi Parish Church, 
28-09-2021 Tue, U-Academy for Disciplined Forces, 
29-09-2021 Wed, U-Mosta Pama

03-10-2021 Sun, U-Żabbar Parish Chruch, 
05-10-2021 Tue, Gozo Xewkija Berġa, 
10-10-2021 Sun, Gozo Xewkija Berġa and U-Ħaż-Żebbuġ Parish Church, 
12-10-2021 Tue, U-Mater Dei Hospital, 
13-10-2021 Wed, U-B'Kara ARQ and Calamatta & Cuschieri, 
17-10-2021 Sun, U-Mqabba Parish Church, 
19-10-2021 Tue, Gozo Xewkija Berġa, 
22-10-2021 Fri, U-Bulebel Zejtun Carlo Gavazzi, 
24-10-2021 Sun, Gozo Xewkija Berġa and U-Ħal-Tarxien, 
27-10-2021 Wed, U-Mosta Pama Shopping Complex, 
29-10-2021 Fri, U-Birżebbugia Malta Freeport, 
30-10-2021, Sunday U-Mellieħa Parish Square​
    Always get the ID or Driving Licence
    Young children to be accompanied by an adult who is not giving blood
    For further information regarding blood donation eligibility, click here.