Donating Blood during Covid-19 FAQ's
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Donating Blood during Covid-19 FAQ's

I am a regular blood donor and I would like to continue giving blood regularly. Would it be safe for me to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic?
All necessary measures to ensure safety for the donor and staff are in place. These include: temperature measurement at the entry point, use of hand sanitisers, use of masks/visors, and social distancing.

Can people get coronavirus from a blood transfusion?
COVID-19 continues to pose no known risk to individuals through the blood donation process or via blood transfusions. There are no reported cases of transmission of this virus via blood transfusion. No cases of transfusion transmission were ever reported for the other two coronaviruses that emerged during the past two decades (SARS and MERS-CoV).

If I give blood, will it weaken my immune system to fight off coronavirus?
Blood donation does not impact or weaken a donor’s immune system. 

Should I donate blood to get tested for coronavirus?
No. Blood donations are NOT tested for coronavirus.

If you are not feeling well, please do not attend a blood donation session.

Can I give blood if I am waiting to be tested, or waiting for a coronavirus test result?

No, those waiting to be tested, or waiting for a Coronavirus test result cannot donate blood.

Donors with NO previous positive swab result but awaiting swab test results (because of e.g. routine testing/ contact tracing) are not allowed to donate. If the swab test is negative, the donor may donate.

Donors with a previous positive swab test, are to repeat the swab test. Donation is possible two weeks after a negative swab result. This is also assuming one is not in mandatory quarantine. 

I live with a health care professional (e.g. doctor, nurse). Can I donate?
If you have lived with or been in close contact with individuals diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19 infection, you should not donate.  On the other hand, as long as health professionals are asymptomatic, their job does not affect the donation eligibility of those with whom they live. 

I am a healthcare worker.  Am I allowed to donate?

Donors working in healthcare are allowed to donate, provided that they have not been in contact with COVID positive patients.  Staff working in laboratories, including those performing COVID-19 tests, are allowed to donate.
Definition of contact:​​
  • Had a face to face conversation (at less than 1m distance) for more than 1 hr WITH a mask being worn by both the positive case AND the contact
  • Spent 1 hour or more in less than 2m distance in the same room/office/ward/closed space as a positive case WITHOUT a mask being worn by both the positive case AND the contact
  • ​Spent 6 hours or more in a distance between 2-5m in the same room/office/ward/closed space as a positive case WITH a mask being worn by both the positive case AND the contact

Why is it important to give blood now?
It is important that we always maintain a sufficient blood supply for patients in need. Although some elective surgeries are being postponed, there are many patients (e.g. post-chemotherapy, or following trauma) depending on transfusions every day.

Can I bring my children with me to a donation session?
No. We must limit the number of people coming into the donation centre, so we are asking donors to attend donation sessions unaccompanied.

Are any eligibility criteria being loosened during this time?
No. All blood collections must adhere to the usual donor selection guidelines, which are in place to ensure the safety of the donor and the blood being donated. No matter what the situation is, we must maintain the safety and integrity of the blood supply.​​

I was infected by Coronavirus.  Can I give blood after being fully recovered from COVID-19?Yes, those who have fully recovered from COVID-19 are allowed to donate blood 28 days after symptom resolution.  In case of asymptomatic infection, 28 days should elapse from the date of the last positive test.

When will I be able to give blood if I tested negative but I still need to quarantine because of contact with a confirmed positive case? 

You will be able to come forward to donate blood as soon as you are discharged from quarantine by Public Health.

May I give blood after having the CO​VID-19 vaccine?
If you have received the COVID-19 vaccine you have to leave two days from vaccination before giving blood.  Should you develop mild symptoms post-vaccination, kindly return for blood donation seven days from symptom cessation. 

Following blood donation, seven days should also elapse before receiving Covid-19 vaccine. 

For further queries, you may call us on 80074313 or 79307307​​​​​​​​