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Medical Questionnaire To be discussed with the doctor prior donation.

Parent/Guardian Consent​ To be printed signed and presented by 17 year old donor.

Direct Donation Information and Consent To be printed signed by the patient and pr​esented by donor.

Autologous​ Donation Referral Ticket To be printed signed by the patient's consultant and presented at NBTS.

Consent for Autologous Transfusion ​

The following are in Maltese Version:- 

Kunsens tal-ġenituri jew kustodji​ għal tfal ta' 17-il sena

Kunsens għal Donazzjoni Diretta 

Autologous​ Donation Referral Ticket​​ Biex tiġi printjata u firmata mil-konsulent tal-pażjent u preżentata iċ-Ċentru ta' l-għoti tad-demm.

Blood related Leaflets:-

Do you wish to Donate Blood?

Iron and You

Iron Rich Food


National Blood Transfusion Service Logos:-

Official National Blood Transfusion Logos high resolutions at 300 dpi (1195 x 1198 pixels). 

These logos are to be used for promotional activities only with the permission of the National Blood Transfusion Department. If you are using the logos for the '#missingtype" campaign there is no need for permission. Send your queries to

Dawn il-'logos' jistgħu jintużaw għall-attivitajiet promozjonali biss bil-permess tas-Servizz Nazzjonali tat-Trasfużjoni tad-Demm. Jekk ser tuża l-'logos' għall-kampanja '#missingtype" ma hemmx għalfejn permessi. Ibagħat il-mistoqsijiet tiegħek


NBTS logo                                   NBTS logo


World Blood Donors Day 2022

WBDD2022 in Maltese 

World Blood Donors Day 2021

World Blood Donors Day 2020WBDD 2020

General Posters

General Posters    General Posters    General Posters    General Posters    General Posters

General Posters    General Posters    General Posters    General Posters    General Posters

General Posters    General Posters    General Posters   General Posters    General Posters

General Posters    General Posters     General Posters    General Posters    General Posters
General Posters                   

Four Seasons Poster

Four Seasons Poster    Four Seasons Poster    Four Seasons Poster​    Four Seasons Poster    Four Seasons Poster
 Four Seasons Poster     

Christmas Posters 

Help Santa Claus                                 Dan il Milied ghandi bzonn rigal differenti 


Christmas Posters    Christmas Posters    Christmas Posters    Christmas Posters    Christmas Posters

Christmas Posters     Christmas Posters    Christmas Posters    Christmas Posters     Christmas Posters

Valentines' Day Posters

Valentines' Day Posters​​    Valentines' Day Posters    Valentines' Day Posters    Valentines' Day Posters

These banners may be brought to your site during a blood drive.
Doll banner 
From one hand to the other banner 

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