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You can help the National Blood Transfusion Service not only by donating blood but in other ways too. Either by raising awareness about the importance of giving blood or by being an organizer/volunteer.

Volunteers can help by:
Encouraging their employers, colleagues, families and friends to become donors.

Groups are accepted to come and donate blood at the Main Donation Area, G’Mangia; in the case of Gozitans they can attend Blood Donation Centre at Xewkija Berġa on alternate Sundays and Tuesdays.

If a person or entity is interested in organizing a group of people to come and donate blood at one of the donation centers mentioned above, it is advisable that this person contacts the Manager Donation Services or his Deputy to make the necessary arrangements. This person may call on mobile: 79307307 during office hours.

No groups are accepted after 5pm.

It is also advisable that the persons forming the group come in a staggered manner i.e. not more than 6 persons per hour. In this way the flow of donors is not disrupted, resulting in less waiting time and hence better donor satisfaction.

Blood Drives
When organizing a blood drive the organizer may not necessarily be a blood donor. 

How to organize a blood drive:
Act as a contact person with the Blood Collection Centre.

Try to encourage new donors and existing ones to donate blood. A total of at least 25 donors or more need to be recruited and one has to keep in touch with them, so that they can be reminded when the event draws near.

Contact us on 79307307 or 22066201 to make an appointment and for further information.
Distribute any posters or leaflets with all details about when and where the drive will take place. (These can be supplied by our team too).

Here are also a number of posters which can be downloaded. These can be used for any campaigns organized.

If you have any persons of 17 years of age you may also download the parent/guardian consent​ which needs to be signed and brought over on the day of the donation.

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