The Occupational Health and Safety Authority
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The Occupational Health and Safety Authority

The Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act (Cap. 424 of the Laws of Malta), was published on the 17th November 2000 and brought into force in its entirety on the 29th January 2002. 

This Act established the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) to ensure that the physical, psychological and social well-being of all workers in all workplaces are promoted and safeguarded by whosoever has such a duty. 
Overall Objectives of OHSA
OHSA’s overall objectives are:
  1. to foster a culture which values prevention,
  2. to increase awareness about the benefits of achieving and maintaining adequate levels of occupational health and safety (OHS),
  3. to mainstream OHS into all policy areas including public policy, procurement, and education,
  4. to maintain the downward trends with regards to OHS-related incidents which lead to injuries, diseases and deaths.

Mission Statement
'Working with others to ensure healthier and safer workplaces in Malta.'

Vision of the OHSA
The development of a culture which goes beyond the workplace, which adopts a holistic view of health and that values risk prevention.

The Maltese workplace will be an environment where health and safety are not considered as afterthoughts but are integrated throughout all work systems and processes.

Appropriate preventative measures will be in place in all workplaces in Malta to minimise the probability and severity of occupational incidents and illness. The goal is zero preventable incidents that can affect workers’ health and safety.

Employers and employees will be aware of the importance of preventative health and safety measures, and will have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to apply these measures to their workplace. The OHSA will be a partner to organisations, working together to improve health and safety at every opportunity.

Within the context of the European Union, Malta will participate effectively in discussions regarding the continuous development of occupational health and safety levels.

Setup of OHSA
The Authority includes a tripartite Board and an executive arm, headed by the Chief Executive Officer.

OHSA Board Members
Perit David Xuereb

Deputy Chairperson (Director of Industrial and Employment Relations, ex officio)
Ms Diane Vella Muscat

Dr Zaid Teebi
Prof Stephen Montefort
Ms Sharon Galea Iriele
Mr Edwin Balzan
Mr Victor Carachi
Mr Joseph Delia
Ms Abigail Mamo

Observer Members
Mr Anthony Casaru
Mr Michael Galea

Dr Marouska Debono

Chief Executive Officer
The OHSA Act provides for the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the executive conduct of the Authority, its administration and organization as well as the administrative control of its Officers and employees.
Dr Mark Gauci is the incumbent Chief Executive Officer of OHSA.