Exceptional Medicinal Treatment
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Exceptional Medicinal Treatment

Aims and Responsibilities:
  • The Exceptional Medicinal Treatment (EMT) Unit is responsible for assessing exceptional medicinal treatment requests.
  • It aims to provide access to evidence-based, cost-effective medicinal treatment for individuals with an exceptional need for treatment not currently provided by the Government Heath Service.
  • The DPA EMT Unit provides a means for the consideration of pharmaceutical funding for patients in exceptional circumstances who would otherwise not have access to needed medication. Access to medication aimed to decrease disease morbidity, would eventually translate into a diminished use of other health state resources such a decreased hospital admissions/length of stay.
  • The DPA EMT Unit is in constant liaison with MDH, POYC and CPSU in order to ensure that the most cost-effective drugs reach exceptional patients in the shortest time possible with maximisation of resources.
The EMT Process in Brief:
  • Requests for medicinals for individual patients are submitted by consultants/delegates and reviewed by EMT pharmacists. It is important that EMT Request Forms are fully filled in and full information is submitted in order to allow for a holistic review of the requested drug for the specific indication.
  • Reviews consist of detailed reports on rationale for drug use, drug efficacy and safety as informed from scientific literature, recommended guidelines for treatment published by recognised international bodies, cost of treatment and cost comparison with alternative treatments.
  • Reviews are then presented to the appropriate authorities for their consideration based on the evidence presented.
  • Clinicians are consulted for further clarification when necessary.
  • When a medicinal which is not procured through the National Health Service (non-formulary) is approved, the item is procured on a named-patient basis.