Health Technology Assessment Unit
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Health Technology Assessment Unit

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Unit assists in the decision-making process which allows for new medicines to be included in the Government Formulary List (GFL). The requests for inclusion are submitted by Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs) through application T01 or Clinical Chairpersons through applications T02 and T02/P.

The HTA pharmacists provide technical information on relative effectiveness and budget impact analyses with respect to medicinal products under review. The assessment reports are presented to the two consultative committees: the Government Formulary List Advisory Committee (GFLAC) and the Advisory Committee for Health Care Benefits (ACHCB). 

Once a final decision is taken by the committees, the HTA unit follows up on the decisions as necessary. If a medicine has been recommended for approval and inclusion on the GFL, the Central Procurement and Supplies Unit (CPSU) is alerted to start the procurement of the approved medicine/s.    

This is followed up with the Formulary Management Unit until formal introduction on the GFL.​