European Collaborations
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European Collaborations

DPA participates in various EU projects and collaborations involving pharmaceutical policies and pricing and reimbursement of medicines. This allows the exchange of information, best practices and experiences regarding pharmaceutical policies on pricing and reimbursement, health technology assessment and other pharmaceutical issues which are routinely identified, shared and discussed.

D​PA ai​ms to:

  • ​Participate in various EU networks and initiatives relating to pharmaceutical policy.
  • Communicate and collaborate with EU peers involved in similar functions.
  • Establish contacts with pricing and reimbursement agencies and authorities across the EU.
  • Continue improving on various aspects related to pharmaceutical policy in Malta through EU policy research and knowledge sharing.
  • Review EU related documents and reports to provide the necessary feedback and positions.

DPA collaborates and participates with a wide range of international stakeholders on various projects.  Some of these include:


A PPRI policy brief about the Maltese pharmaceutical system can be accessed here.


Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

Network of Competent Authorities for Pricing and Reimbursement (CAPR)

Member State Coordination Group on HTA (HTACG)