Formulary Management Unit
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Formulary Management Unit

The Formulary Management Unit updates, maintains and periodically reviews the Hospital Formulary, the Outpatients Formulary, and the respective protocols. Updates include introductions of new medicines, deletions of medicines when necessary, and changes in prescriber criteria, Schedule V conditions mapping, and dispensing policies. This is carried out by optimising analysis of information and evaluating clinical evidence, and in consultation with physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. More information on the process of inclusion of medicines on the formulary is available here. The process of amendments and deletions of medicines from the formulary is illustrated here.

The Formulary Management Unit drafts circulars related to formulary matters, such as new medicine introductions and medicine safety issues when necessary.

Moreover, the Formulary Management Unit regularly provides advice and technical assistance in the establishment of technical specifications for procurement of medicines. The unit owns the Specification Database of pharmaceuticals, which is regularly updated and maintained. More information on the process of formulation of new technical specifications is available here, and on the process of amendments and deletions of existing technical specifications here.​

The Formulary Management Unit can be contacted on: