Medication-use Evaluation Unit
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Medication-use Evaluation Unit

The Medication-use Evaluation (MUE) Unit monitors drug utilisation and patient outcomes following treatment. This process is conducted on medications on the Government Formulary List (GFL), newly introduced drugs and non-formulary drugs currently being approved through the Exceptional Medicinal Treatment Policy.

Medication-use Evaluation is a performance improvement method focused on evaluating and improving medication-use processes with the goal of achieving optimal patient outcomes. The process consists of a formal evidence-based analysis aimed to assist stakeholders in determining what is working well and identify opportunities for change.

Screening mechanisms are developed by DPA for the comprehensive surveillance of medication use processes, setting up priorities as per requirements on the NHS. 

The roles of the individual health care professionals, entities and stakeholders in MUE may vary according to practice setting, organizational goals and available resources. Collaboration from other healthcare professionals is vital as they contribute their unique perspectives when the evaluation and improvement processes address their area of expertise and responsibility.

MUE outcomes are compared to the pre-determined criteria. Results of the evaluation are then discussed in further detail with stakeholders. Results and recommendations of the MUE are submitted to health authorities and stakeholders as required.