Pharmaceutical Pricing Unit
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Pharmaceutical Pricing Unit

The Pharmaceutical Pricing Unit is one of the functional units within the Directorate for Pharmaceutical Affairs.
The Pricing Unit is responsible for:
Ø  Contributing to fair pricing of medicines in the Government Health Services;
Ø  Calculating the Maximum Reference Price (MRP), External Reference Price (ERP) and Guidance Reference Price (GRP) according to the internal Standard Operating Procedure.
Pricing computations are performed within this unit to assist and serve as a reference price control during the procurement process of all the medicines, and also included in the process of internal studies conducted for the purposes of Health Technology Assessments of new medicines proposed for introduction onto the Government Formulary List. Research of medicine prices is conducted from a basket of EU countries falling within the bracket of +/-20 percentage points of Malta’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) using EUROSTAT figures, together with the UK price.