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Pharmaceutical Strategy and Policy

In a healthcare system pharmaceutical policy, as part of national health care policy, is concerned with the provision and use of medicines.  This covers medicine development, manufacture, marketing, distribution, pricing and reimbursement, formulary management, pharmacovigilance, patient eligibility, prescribing practice and pharmaceutical services.
Common challenges encountered in the provision of health care, development of pharmaceutical services and pharmaceutical practice includes: safe medication use; medicines access, affordability and cost effective use; stakeholder involvement; and remuneration systems.
The overall goal of policies concerning medicines should be to promote equity and sustainability of the pharmaceutical sector.  Main objectives should ensure that effective and safe medicines of good quality are accessible, affordable and that they are rationally used.
The Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs has the mission of developing and implementing equitable and sustainable Government pharmaceutical policies, whilst promoting excellence in patient care through assuring safe, rational and cost-effective use of medicines.