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Announcements 2019


Paola Regional Hub - April 2019

Works on the Paola Regional Health Centre are underway and it is expected to be completed in three-and-a-half years’ time. The Paola regional hub shall provide all the services that are currently being offered to the public, as well as other new services including mental health care and dentistry. It will also include an entire floor dedicated to day surgery operations. 

It will be named after the late Vincent Moran, a former health minister.

Paola regional health centre.jpg

Attard Community Clinic - April 2019

Modernisation and expansion of services at the Attard Community Clinic has been launched. Apart from the doctor and nurse service already being offered, other services such as Podiatry Clinic, Speech and Language Pathology Service, Lifestyle Clinic and Mental Well Being services are also being offered.

For an appointment please call the Primary HealthCare Call Centre on 21231231

New Social Work Service in the Mosta Community - April 2019

At the beginning of this year, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) opened its doors to a new social work service in Mosta named Mosta Community Services. This service is provided for free to the residents of Mosta, Naxxar and Għargħur

It is also an extension to the already existing FSWS community services, located in Qawra, Msida, Valletta, Birgu and Żabbar

Our aim is to:
  • Work together with the residents to support their progress in self-care, healthcare, relationships, education, employment, etc.;
  • Identify resources and services and refer accordingly;
  • Ensure that health, food, shelter, education, and cultural needs are being met;
  • Empower those who are at risk of poverty and social exclusion;
  • Offer emotional support during difficult circumstances such as separation and illness;
  • Work towards enhancing the parenting skills of residents in order to promote healthy and stable living environment.

Health Professionals can refer any individual/family living in Mosta/Naxxar/Gharghur with their consent. Some situations in which we can assist include:
  • Financial issues/are living in poverty (struggle with having food, shelter, clothing)
  • Relationship difficulties (children have challenging behavior, marital conflict)
  • Mental health issues that seem apparent or unclear in the patient and/or a family member (depression, anxiety OCD, etc)
  • Employment issues (patient needs to find a job)
  • School absenteeism (noticing that the child or adolescent seem to miss school due to being sick frequently).
  • Parenting Skills issues (noticing that parents may be struggling to parent their children)
  • Social/Life Skills issues (noticing that the patient/family have difficulties with communication, listening, hygiene and self-care in general).
  • Any form of abuse (verbal, physical, sexual abuse, neglect and risk) NB: If it is apparent/obvious that there is abuse going on, kindly contact Child Protection Services 22959000. However, in cases where you may be unsure, contact us for guidance.

In such cases, Health Professionals can inform the patient about our service and that we can provide guidance and support on the above situations. 

Contact details: 

Email:    or or 
Telephone:    21437447. 
Address:        3A, St Anne Street, Mosta

We also have drop-in hours, where the clients can come and talk to us directly. 
Drop-ins are every Tuesday 8:00-12:00 and every Thursday 12:30-17:00.

New Pieta Community Clinic - March 2019

A new Pieta Community Clinic has been inaugurated. This clinic provides the services of Speech and Language Pathology services, General Practitioner Services, Nursing Services, Phlebotomy services, Nutritionist/Dietician Services, Life Style Clinic, Mental Well Being Services and Podiatry Services.

For an appointment please call the Primary HealthCare Call Centre on 21231231

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign​ - March 2019

As part of the March Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign, representatives from the National Health Screening Services Unit within the Primary HealthCare will be available on the dates and locations below:

​13/03/2019​ Qormi Health Centre
​14/03/2019​ ​Kirkop Health Centre
​15/03/2019​ ​Gozo Health Centre
​18/03/2019​ ​Mater Dei Hospital
​18/03/2019​ ​Cospicua Health Centre
​20/03/2019​ ​Mater Dei Hospital
​21/03/2019​ ​Mater Dei Hospital
​22/03/2019​ ​B'Kara Health Centre
​25/03/2019​ ​Mosta Health Centre
​26/03/2019​ ​Floriana Health Centre
​27/03/2019​ ​Gzira Health Centre
​28/03/2019​ ​Paola Health Centre
​29/03/2019​ ​Rabat Health Centre​

Transgender Clinic Update - January 2019

35 people are currently using the services of the Transgender Clinic from the Mtarfa Health Clinic which was launched in November 2018. The multidisciplinary team taking care of these people includes doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, and social workers. In terms of treatment offered, the services range from primay care to hormonal and surgical treatment, gynecologic and urologic care, reproductive options, voice and communication therapy, psychological support, psychiatric care, psychotherapy.​

For further details about Transgender Health Care please click here​