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Announcements 2015

Social Worker Services (update) - posted 16th December 2015
As from 15th December 2015, referral to this clinic is being extended to all those health care professionals carrying out clinical duties.
This includes all Allied Health Care, Nursing and Pharmacy professionals working in the appointment and walk-in clinics within the Primary Health Care Department.
All the parameters and operating procedures mentioned in the previous announcement posted 20th August 2015 below, regarding the Social Worker Services still apply.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccineposted 2nd November 2015
The Seasonal Influenza Vaccine is now available for the year 2015/2016.  Vaccination service is available from all Health Centres between the 2nd November and the 21st November 2015. For further details please click here.

Social Worker Services - posted 20th August 2015
As from 17th August 2015, social worker services are being offered from Cospicua and Birkirkara Health Centres.
Referral to this clinic is initially being strictly restricted to health centre General Practitioner (this has been extended as per new announcement dated 16th December 2015 above) through the normal Ticket of Referral which should be completely filled in with all the pertinent clinical details, including rubber stamp. Patients will have their appointment done at the reception of the health centres noting the catchment areas below.
Patients originating from the Mosta, B’Kara, Rabat and Gzira catchment areas should be referred to B’Kara Health Centre and those from Cospicua, Paola, Floriana and Qormi catchment area to Cospicua Health Centre. Patients will keep the ticket of referral so that they will present it at the respective appointment.
Briefly, the role of a social worker is to intervene with persons who are experiencing any form of social difficulties, including relationship problems, poverty, and substance misuse/abuse amongst others. The social worker can carry out risk /needs assessment, provide emotional support to the client and be a liaison/referral person to other professionals and services.
Some of the possible scenarios that a General practitioner may come across at the Health Centre and need to refer to the social worker are:
  • Patients presenting with injuries secondary to domestic violence.
  • Patients being closely monitored and dominated by their respective partner/employer.
  • Children presenting with non-accidental injuries.
  • Mental health patients needing support and monitoring
  • Substance /alcohol misuse
  • Gambling problems
  • Sexual abuse

One is free to contact the social worker for any queries regarding the cases that one may be dealing with at the respective health centres.

Working Schedule is between 7.30am and 4pm:


Physiotherapy Department - Afternoon Sessions - posted August 2015

As from August/Septmeber 2015, the Physiotherapy department within Primary Health Care has extended its opening hours by providing afternoon sessions (15.00-19.00) in the following health centres:
  • Paola (as from 31st August 2015)
  • Mosta (as from 2nd September 2015)
  • Floriana (as from 7th September 2015)
  • B'Kara​ (as from 10th September 2015)

The frequency of these afternoon sessions will be every 15 days. The referral and appointment procedures remain unchanged. 


Expansion of the Lifestyle Clinics - posted August 2015

The lifestyle clinics have been expanded to include Zabbar (Wednesday mornings 9-12MD, Zurrieq (Friday mornings 9-12MD), Tarxien and St Paul's Bay district clinics. This brings the total number of district clinics offering the service to 7 district clinics ( Zabbar, Zurrieq, Gudja, Tarxien, San Gwann, Msida and St Paul's Bay) and 1 health centre (Gzira). The service shall be expanded further in the sister island of Gozo, these being Kercem and Gharb.

Furthermore, as of January 2015, and in collaboration with the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate, the services of a nutritionist have also been introduced within the same clinic to further support the clients of the lifestyle clinic on an individualised or group basis. For further information on the clinics please click here​ or follow and like the new Facebook Page: "Lifestyle Clinics - Primary Health Care Department​". 


Expansion of Application of Plaster slabs for simple fractures - posted August 2015

The plaster slab application service has now been expanded to Paola, Floriana​ and Qormi health centres. These health centres have now joined Mosta​ health centre which has been delivering the service since January 2013.


Outreach community educational sessions and opportunistic screening - posted August 2015

In collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate, the Primary Health Care Department has joined in 36 events held at the community level and contributed with blood pressure and blood glucose testing as well as providing medical and lifestyle advice. Such community events have been held in various towns and villages. Furthermore various healthcare professionals from PHCD have delivered talks at local councils on various topics to a total of 46 to date. 


Expansion of Scoliosis Service - posted August 2015

The Scoliosis clinic which is situated at Floriana health centre was run by 2 medical doctors. The service has now been expanded with the training of 4 school doctors to deliver this service also within the primary schools. This has brought the total number of doctors running this service to 6 doctors, thus reducing the waiting time for appointments whilst also bringing the service closer to the community.


Cardiology Outreach Clinic - posted July 2015

A cardiology clinic has been launched from Floriana and B'Kara health centres (as of the 12th June and 10th June respectively). This clinic will reduce the cardiology waiting list at Mater Dei as these patients would otherwise have to wait to be seen at MDH.


Fibromyalgia Clinic - posted June 2015

A fibromyalgia clinic was introduced on the 29th May 2015 from Floriana Health Centre and is run in collaboration between the Primary Health Care Department and the Rheumatology Department.



Podiatry - Afternoon Sessions

Afternoon podiatry sessions at Qormi health centre have commenced since 2nd March 2015 through re-engineering of the service. This is especially beneficial for those patients (or their carers) who work office hours and would otherwise need to take time off work to attend. This measure has greatly increased patient accessibility.


Tobacco Walk-In Clinics - posted 16th June 2015

The Health Promotion Department​ (HPDPD) in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Department, have set up a tobacco walk in clinic every Wednesday between 5pm-7pm at Floriana and Mosta Health CentresTobacco cessation facilitators will be available at these times to give one-to-one support to patients with tobacco dependency. This new service is in addition to the group sessions which are still ongoing.
Family doctors, other health professionals or patients should make an appointment by:
  • phone (23266123 - office hours) or 
  • freephone 80073333 or
  • referral letter to Tobacco Cessation Support Services or
  • online referral

Expansion of Anticoagulant Clinic - Point of Care

The Anticoagulant clinic has expanded to Cospicua health centre as of the 1st of April 2015. This new anticoagulant clinic service is therefore now available from 6 health centres (Qormi, Rabat, Paola, Floriana, B'Kara, Cospicua​) and from Gozo General Hospital.

Digital Imaging Services extended at Floriana Health Centre - posted 19th January 2015

Digital Radiographical services at Floriana Health Centre has been extended further to operate between Monday and Saturday from 8.00 till 19.30hrs. Attention of all General Practitioners is being drawn to the updated schedule which refers to the new opening hours of the Medical Imaging services in the respective Health Centres.