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Mosta Health Centre

Where are we?
Mosta Health Centre is located just above the Mosta police department in the Mosta Civic Centre block, Pjazza Rotunda, Mosta MST-9059 near the Mosta Rotunda Church. 
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Image showing Mosta Health Centre entrance 

Catchment area 
Mosta Health Centre offers its services mainly to residents of Mosta (Bidnija), Naxxar (Birguma, Maghtab, Salina, Bahar ic-Caghaq), San Pawl il-Bahar (Bugibba, Qawra, Xemxija, Ghajn Tuffieha,Wardija, Pwales), Mellieha (Selmun, Ghadira, Marfa, Cirkewwa), Manikata, Burmarrad, Mgarr (Zebbiegh), Gharghur (Xwieki).
Between 8pm and 8am (Monday to Friday), between 1pm and 8am on Saturdays and all day on Sundays, the catchment areas of Rabat health centre are included in the Mosta areas.
Between 5pm and 8am (Monday to Friday) and all day Saturdays and Sundays, the catchment areas of Bkara health centre are included in the Mosta areas.
Opening days: Monday to Sunday

Please click Entitlement Guidelines​ for further details about your entitlement to the services offered.​ 

Community Clinics
The following peripheral clinics fall under the jurisdiction of Mosta Health Centre:
  • Mgarr​
  • San Pawl il-Bahar
  • Naxxar
  • Mellieha
A general practitioner and a nurse are in attendance. These clinics run by an appointment system. This service provides repeat prescriptions, blood pressure monitoring and general medical advice. (Each clinic caters for clients residing in their respective area as per ID card locality.)
Please click here for further details.

Services offered include:
Blood Letting Service
Diabetes Clinic
Ear Syringing
ECG Clinic
Glaucoma Screening
GP Services
Gynae and Post-Natal Clinic
Medical Consultant & Schedule V Clinic
Tobacco Walk-In Clinic​
Well Baby Clinic
Wound Review Clinic

Acute area Reception 

This area comprises the treatment room, the wound clinic and the GP rooms.

Image showing waiting room and acute reception area 

Follow-up & Specialist Clinics Reception area
Image showing follow up and specialist clinics reception area

Clinics Whereabouts
Ground Floor 
Follow-up & Specialist Clinics area
(1st Floor - then on your right) 
Acute area
(1st Floor - then on your left) 
Immunization Clinic Physiotherapy Clinic GP Clinics
Well Baby Clinic Ophthalmic Clinic Treatment
Gynae / Bone Density Clinic Orthopaedic Clinic Wound Clinic
Speech Therapy Clinic Diabetes Clinic Repeat Prescription
Mental Health Clinic Medical Consultant Clinic / Schedule V Clinic
Podology Clinic
​Point of Care - Anticoagulation Clinic (POC-ACC)
Minor Operations Theatre

More detailed information about the services offered:
Ambulance Service

We offer an ambulance service for the Northern part of the island.

The ambulance service from Mosta Health Centre is available from Monday to Sunday from 7:15am till 6:45pm. At other times of the day, ambulance services is from Mater Dei Hospital. 


Anticoagulant Clinic - Point of Care
Patients on long term  Warfarin  treatment may benefit from INR testing in the specialised Point of Care (POC)  clinic.
A finger prick blood sample is taken.  The result is immediately  available and the patient  is given a prescription  with the required Warfarin dose.
Patients need to have a stable INR level to be eligible to attend POC and be referred by the Health Centre GPs or Consultants.
Clinic runs from Monday to Friday by appointment.

Blood Letting Service
This service is available from Monday to Saturday from 7:30am to 9am by appointment.

Please bring with you your Identity Card, appointment booklet and the investigation order form (properly filled in by your doctor) if referred from a private family doctor/consultant.

Check whether any measures (such as fasting) need to be taken prior to the blood letting.

Diabetes Clinic

This clinic is open from Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am till 1pm.
You may be referred to this clinic by the health centre doctor, your family doctor or from the Diabetes Clinic Mater Dei Hospital.
Attendance to this clinic is by appointment.

Please bring with you your Identity Card, appointment booklet (green) and any blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring charts, together with your treatment card/medication list.

There is no need to be fasting prior to attending to this clinic.

Follow-up appointments are given during visits. 

Ear Syringing

Ear syringing from Monday to Saturday – 11am till 12 MD by appointment.
For more information regarding ear syringing please click here

ECG Clinic
This clinic is open on Thursday from 8am till 1:30pm and Friday from 3pm till 6:40pm
You are entitled to be referred for an ECG by your doctor who has to fill in a ticket of referral to a Government hospital/health centre (DH22), or by the Health Centre doctor who has to fill in a Health Centre ECG request form.
Please bring with you your Identity Card, appointment booklet and the ECG request form.
ECGs are taken only by appointment except in emergencies.
Please phone the Health Centre reception desk for an appointment between 10am and 5pm on weekdays. The consultant physician will issue a report on your ECG, after you have had your ECG. 

Glaucoma Screening
To attend this clinic you need to call the Health Centre for an appointment. No referrals are needed.
Screening is targeted at:
• people who are 40 years old or older 
• people who are 35 years or older and have a family history of diabetes and/or glaucoma.
This Clinic runs by appointment system. 

Gynae and Post-Natal Clinic
This clinic operates on Mondays by appointment, receiving referrals by the health centre GPs as well as GPs working in private practice. 

To make an appointment  for gynaecological consultation, please present a Ticket of  Referral at the health centre’s reception desk any day of the week.

For an antenatal or postnatal visit, please phone on the clinic day and ask for Gynae clinic nurses. 

Please bring with you your Identity Card, appointment booklet and any relevant documents.

Gynae and post natal clinic telephone number  22695717/8

Medical Consultant & Schedule V Clinic
This Clinic is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
You may be referred to this clinic by the Health Centre doctor or your family doctor.
To make an appointment, please present the referral ticket at the reception desk. This will be vetted by the Consultant Physician and you will be contacted back and an appointment date given.
Appointments for follow-ups and Schedule V are given as indicated by the physician according to clinical need.
Two medical consultants run this clinic, namely Dr C. Azzopardi and Dr M. Farrugia in alphabetical order.

Dr C. Azzopardi is in attendance on Tuesdays
Clinic hours: 8am - 3pm

Dr M. Farrugia is in attendance on Wednesdays and Thursdays
Clinic contact hours: 8am - noon

For further details please click here

Medical Digital Imaging (X-Ray) Service

The Medical Digital Imaging Service (X-Ray) at this health centre is offered 24 hours all year round including pubic holidays.
The radiographer can be contacted by telephone on telephone number 22695741 

For any other queries please contact Health Centre on telephone number 22695000
Patients for X-Rays are either referred by the health centre doctor via computer network or by patients' private doctor (GP) after duly filling a special x-ray request form.
For further details please click here​.

Mental Health Clinic

This clinic is run by appointment from Monday to Thursday according to schedule. 
Mental Health clinic telephone number  22695717

Minor Interventions Theatre

Orthopaedic minor operations - Mr Sciberras (Orthopaedic Consultant) - on Tuesdays.
Ophthalmic interventions - Avastin injections - Ophthalmic doctors from Mater Dei Hospital - on Saturdays. 

National Immunisation Services

This clinic is open on Monday to Friday from 7:30am till 2pm and Saturdays from 7.30am till 12 (noon).
On Tuesday the clinic is also open from 2.30pm and 7pm.
To attend this clinic you need to call the Health Centre for an appointment during clinic hours. No referrals are needed.
You are requested to bring the immunisation record for the nurse to update.
Scheduled childhood immunisations recommended by the department for persons considered at risk are given free of charge.
Children who miss out on their immunisation for Hepatitis B and MMR carried out in schools can receive such immunisation at this clinic. 

Nursing Services
Open on Monday to Friday and Sundays 24hr service.
Appointments are required for:
  • Blood letting
  • Removal of sutures from 10am to 5pm by appointment. 
  • Wound reviews
  • Plaster application    

Ophthalmic Clinic
The eye care services are provided by the ophthalmologist, the optometrist and the ophthalmic nurse.
Services offered include:
  • Glaucoma screening - Screening for high eye pressure
  • Glaucoma clinic - Patients on treatment for glaucoma are seen every 6months or before by doctor/nurse
  • Optometry - Eyesight testing as well as screening for the effect of diabetes on the eyes

The family doctor or the Health Centre doctor may refer to this clinic. One may be referred from the Diabetes Clinic or the hospital; school children may be referred by the school health services. For glaucoma screening self referral is also acceptable.
The clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 12:30pm and alternate Saturdays from 7:30am to noon.
Appointments are dealt with at the reception (telephone numbers below) but when need be, the calls are passed through the clinic. 

Orthopaedic Clinic

This clinic is open on:
  • Tuesdays - Orthopaedic Consultant in attendance - Mr I Molnar from 8am till 3pm. 
  • Wednesday - Orthopaedic Consultant in attendance - Mr M Skodacek from 8am till 3pm.
  • Friday - Orthopaedic Consultant in attendance​ - Mr G. Pecotic from 8am till 11am and Mr A Sultana from 11am - 3pm
This clinic is run by appointments from clients referred from Mater Dei Hospital. 

Physiotherapy Services
Clinic hours
Appointments for physiotherapy services are available 
  • Monday to Friday 7:45 to 14:00
  • Alternate Saturdays 7:45 to 11:30
  • Afternoon sessions are available in Mosta health centre.

Physiotherapy at Mellieha Community Centre
Physiotherapy services are available at the Mellieha Community Centre on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Clinical hours 7:45 to 13:45

In community clinics, the patient may either present a ticket of referral from a health centre GP or the family GP or the patient may also self-refer (make an appointment without GP referral).

Appointments may be made by phone on 22774418 from 7:30 to 14:00 or by visiting the health centre with the referral.

Only clients who are 16+ and have a musculoskeletal condition are eligible to attend physiotherapy clinics at health centres.

Physiotherapy clinic telephone number  22774418

Podology Clinic
Attendance to this clinic is for screening and for treatment for any ailment of the feet.
The clinic is by appointment. A referral is not required. Please call the reception desk 22695701 for an appointment.
The clinic is open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 2pm and on Saturdays between 8am and noon.
Routine cutting of toe nails is not a service offered by the Podiatry clinic. If one suffers from diabetes or from circulatory lesions of the feet, one may, however, ask for this service. 

Prescription Clinic

Clinic hours: 8am - 11am by an appointment system.
You can make an appointment for routine and repeat free drug prescription (by calling the below telephone numbers between 10am and 5pm or attend personally) and be given a date and time to attend clinic.
You need to present an up-to-date, duly filled* and signed treatment card (DH914) to facilitate the issuing of your prescription.

* Name of item/medicine to be prescribed, dosage and frequency should be clearly written together with the signature and stamp of doctor issuing the card.
When a patient has been hospitalised and there has been a change in treatment, the hospital case summary (discharge note) should also be brought. 

Please also bring with you the POYC  voucher/card.


Skin Tag Clinic

This service is provided once or twice a week on an appointment system, through Boffa Hospital - Dermatology. Service involves removal of skin tags by electrocautery.

Speech Language Clinic

This clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm.
For more information please click here
Tobacco Walk-In Clinic

This clinic is open every Wednesday between 5pm to 7pm. For further details please click here​.

Well Baby Clinic

Monitoring and recording of children's development and advice on immunisation and feeding.
After your baby is born, you will receive an appointment by mail for the baby’s first visit at Well Baby Clinic situated within the Health Centre. This visit takes place when the baby is around 6 - 8 weeks of age. If your baby was born at a private clinic or hospital, you can still phone for an appointment at the clinic. The 6-8 week examination is usually booked on the same day as the first vaccination is due.
Routine visits are necessary when your baby is:
• 6 - 8 weeks old
• 8 months old
• 18 months old. 
All these visits are by appointment which you will receive by mail. Change of appointment may be made by phone on the clinic days.
Please bring the 'Baby's Book' you are given from the Obstetrics Ward when you bring your baby for the visit.
The Well Baby Clinic at Mosta Health Centre operates on Thursdays and Fridays.There is also an evening clinic on Mondays starting at 5pm.
Between 12.30pm and 2pm parents may drop in at the Clinic to check their baby's weight without a need for appointment. 

Wound Review Clinic

This service is available from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am to 6pm.
Attendance to this clinic is by appointment.
Please bring your appointment booklet and identity card with you. 

Complaints and Suggestions
Clients are kindly requested to contact a member of the management team:
Dr Alexandra Baldacchino
Principal General Practitioner 

Ms Lucy Portelli
Charge Nurse 

Mr Vince Bianco
Deputy Charge Nurse 

Ms Margaret Lia
Deputy Charge Nurse

Contact email​ ​​

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