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The Primary HealthCare’s multidisciplinary TEAM is committed to excellence; to the highest possible level and quality of integrated primary health care service delivery, while we continue to explore new avenues to increase patients’ accessibility further in the community. 

It-TIM multidixxiplinarju fi ħdan il-Primary HealthCare huwa impenjat li jilħaq l-ogħla kisbiet  ta’ eċċellenza sabiex jiġi assigurat lis-servizzi kollha fil-qasam tal-kura tas-saħħa primarja integrata dejjem ikunu tal-ogħla livell u tal-aqwa kwalita’ possibbli, filwaqt li nkomplu nesploraw toroq ġodda biex inżidu aktar l-aċċessibilità tal-pazjenti fil-komunità. 




 Postal Information
Primary HealthCare (Head Office)
7, Harper Lane
Floriana, Malta
FRN 1940

21231231​ - Primary HealthCare Call Centre​21222444 - Primary HealthCare Client Support
145           - Covid19 Vaccination Helpline


In July 2018, the Primary HealthCare (PHC) was awarded the Equality Mark Certificate and granted permission to use the Equality Mark logo by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE).  



This Certificate was awarded in recognition of our gender equality ethos; for our commitment to continue to embrace gender equality values and opportunities within our organisation’s strategic objectives thereby ensuring overall equitable empowerment.​


Influen​za vaccine - updated 28/11/2020

                     Influenza Vaccine 2020 Poster v1.png
The free influenza vaccine will again be available from your health centre starting from Sunday 29th November.  This will be available for persons over 55 years, for children from the age of 3 years to under 5 years, for children between 6 years and 9 years suffering from a certified chronic disease and for persons of any age with a chronic disease.  As form 7th December it will be available for everyone.

People are to wear their masks, bring their ID card and Schedule V Control Card (yellow card) or a medical certificate as applicable.

-------------------------------------------------------------​LOCALITIES OF INFLUENZA VACCINATION 


BKara​, Cospicua, Floriana, Gzira, Kirkop, Mosta, Paola,  




Kercem and Victoria​

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