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Diabetes Shared Care Programme Overview


​A shared care diabetes programme between the Primary Health Care Department and the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes in Mater Dei Hospital has now been taking place for around 4 years. Through this programme, patients with Diabetes are followed up at the respective health centers and managed by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals comprising Doctors, Nurses, Podiatrists, and ophthalmologist all with a special interest in Diabetes. All data is collected in a computerised system which also serves as register of all diabetic patients .

This computerised system is linked to the Endocrine and Diabetes deprtment of Mater Dei and facilitates real time consultation on problem cases with the respective consultants. Patients are seen against a standard protocol which includes that all patients undergo yearly, comprehensive foot screening by a podiatrist at their respective Health Centres. If pathology is detected, the patient is subsequently referred for vascular assessment, with the possibility of further specialised assessment by a vascular surgeon if necessary. They also undergo yearly screening for Diabetic retinopathy, in addition to an annual ophthalmic referral for full assessment by Ophthalmologists. This shared care program has ensured that patients with diabetes in Malta, are provided with long-term care that is consistent, offers continuity and holistic support, is accessible and is delivered in the context of their other medical conditions in a convenient local setting. This program upholds with the recommendations of the St Vincent Declaration.