Mental Health Services
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Mental Health Services

​​      Image showing a card saying Nistghu Nghinuk
Mental health care is provided from several health centres/clinics including Cospicua, Floriana, Gzira, Mosta, Mtarfa, Paola and Qormi.

If one is suffering from a mental health problem one should start by visiting a general practitioner in the nearest health centre or family doctor, so that one is referred to the mental health services.

The mental health services are free of charge and may include referral to other specialists in the field including mental health care nurse, care workers, social workers, psychologist and psychiatrist depending on the individual situation.

It is recommended that one calls the respective clinic for an appointment.


Below is the schedule of the mental health services based within the health centres:

H​​ealth Centre Contact Number​​ Day of week​ Schedule​
​Cospicua ​23972330 / 21662088

​ Monday to Friday

​7:30am - 5:30pm
On Fridays till 3pm

​Gzira ​21344766 / 21337245 ​ Tuesdays & Wednesdays ​7:30am - 5pm
​Kirkop ​21681267​ ​Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
​Mosta ​21424969 ​ Mondays & Thursdays
 Tuesdays & Wednesdays according to schedule
​7:30am - 5pm
​Qormi ​21441317 / 21440170 ​ Monday to Friday ​7:30am - 5pm
On Fridays till 3pm

At Cospicua, Mosta and Qormi, appointments can be given on Sunday between 7:30am and 5pm according to schedule and by appointment only.

Below is the schedule of the mental health services that are NOT based within the health centres:

Health Clinic Contact Number​​ Day of week​ Schedule
Floriana ​21220454 / 21250015 ​ Monday to Friday ​7:30am - 3pm
​Mtarfa ​21456750 / 21454917 / 21456758  Monday to Friday  ​7:30am - 3pm
​Paola ​21821566 / 21821562 ​ Monday to Friday ​7:30am - 3pm

Services from the Floriana, Mtarfa and Paola Mental health clinic can be made after 3pm and on Sundays by appointment only. 
Should further details about the services be required please contact Ms Mary Rose Meli on telephone number 23304138 or by email: