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Movement and Physical Activity Programme

Objective of Intervention

Movement and activity classes will promote generalised exercises to decrease stiffness and prevent falls due to lack of balance, mobility and strength. These classes will keep senior citizens mobile and active as well as enabling them to prevent falls which is a major health hazard. The program will also empower the clients and their carers to take initiative in their own care.
The client will be given an appointment to assess their level of mobility and fitness. If client is eligible and suitable for the classes he will be invited to join the programme. The programme will comprise of 6 morning sessions which will be delivered in groups of 10 clients over the span of 6 consecutive weeks. The exercises are carried out in sitting and in standing postures and will address flexibility, strength, balance and cardiovascular health. Each session will be around 45minutes to an hour long.
Criteria of referral
Clients who are experiencing general decreased mobility and balance of a musculoskeletal origin that has no profound neurological cause. Clients suffering from other musculoskeletal conditions should continue to be referred for physiotherapy treatment.
Method of referral
Referrals to determine if client is eligible for these classes can be made by General Practitioners, Lifestyle clinic nurses and Primary Health Care physiotherapists through a formal Ticket of Referral (TOR), or by sending an email on
Referrals should include:
  • Name
  • Identity card number
  • Relevant past medical history
  • drug history together with the clinical indications for referral.
Referrals that are done through the formal Ticket of Referral should be left at the respective health centre reception so as to be forwarded by internal post to the Physiotherapy Clinic Birkirkara Health Centre, Triq Tumas Fenech, Bkara.
For further queries one can phone on telephone number 22774407