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​Primary HealthCare has set up a new Telemedicine centre in the newly refurbished district clinic at Mellieħa which is being run 24/7 from Monday to Sunday. 

This service is run by a team of general practitioners (GP) and GP trainees.

The doctors have been taking patient referrals from the Client Support Centre (CSC). During the daily consultations the doctors give medical advice, reassurance for patient symptomatology, guidance on quarantine protocols, health of patient contacts whilst guiding patients to access all services currently available in our community. The doctors also carry out vetting of domiciliary visits by liaising with the Health Centre doctors. 

Extensive use of Microsoft Teams as a platform for videoconferencing which offers a safe visual aid to our consultation is being used while ensuring more patient confidentiality and reassurance. 

Doctors also care for COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms who do not require hospitalization but still need close monitoring as well follow COVID-19 patients who have been discharged from secondary care institutions. The doctors contact the patients directly and daily monitor symptom progress and will liaise with secondary care and Public Health accordingly. 

The PHC Telemedicine Centre and Virtual Care have become important tools in caring for our patients while keeping our staff safe. 

Patients may contact the Client Support Centre on 21 231231 or 21 222444.

Patients may also access the 111 helpline set up by Public Health to assess criteria for swabbing while guiding further patient management. 

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