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2019:  Seminar: Maternal Health for Migrant Women

Poster_Maternal Health Seminar _ Updated.jpg

2019:   Human Trafficking for Unaccompanied Minors

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2019: Empowerment and Wellbeing Seminar for Multicultural Women

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 2018:  Summer Programme with migrant parents and children in the Community

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2018 Talk for Migrant Parents in partnership with the LEAP Project: Breast Cancer Awareness


2018  Conference: Looking at Health through the Gender Kaleidosocope


Traditional Harmful Practices affecting Women and Girls

2018  NECME Project

NECME 2018.pdf

2018  Talk for Migrant Parents in partnership with the LEAP Project  

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2017​     Reproductive & Sexual Health_HFOChild Spacing HFO Flyer.jpg

2016    Final_ booklet_Trafficking for UMAS.pdfBooklet_Raising Awaress on Human Trafficking.pdf

      Human Traffciking_A guide for Unaccompanied minors.jpg

2016  Health Orientation Programme to relocated migrants

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2016 Health Education Sessions:  Mariam Albatool School

Albatool School Poster.jpg 

2015  Health Education session with Unaccompanied Minors

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  • 2015 Health Festival 

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2015 The Multicultural Working Group (PHCD)
Capacity building amongst migrants: 
  • 2014/2015  Health in the community

10685568_778650522194517_1556912389109179262_n.jpgCommunity Organisation

  • 2012 August -FGM Health Education Session-Migrant Women at Dar il-Liedna-as part of the KOPIN Project
  • 2012 April -Immunisation Week   
Health Education Sessions:
  • 2014 Aug - Halfar Open Centre: Health Edcuation Sessions to UMAS

  • 2014 July - Halfar Open Centre: Health Education Sessions to UMAS
  • 2014 May - Halfar Open Centre: Health Education Sessions to migrant women
Community Based Health Education 
  • ​Accessing the Maltese health care System
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Safety: Food & Kitchen 
  • Complementary feeding
  • A H1N1 - Swine flu
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • FGM