Migrant Health Liaison Office
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Migrant Health Liaison Office


The Migrant Health Liaison office was set up within the Department of Primary health in August 2008. In view of the large influx of irregular immigrants   arriving in Malta the department recognized the necessity to address the health needs of this population group. Migrants coming from different cultural backgrounds are often unfamiliar with the health care system of the host country and do not know how, when and where to seek help. Language barriers may also impede utilization of health services. Health Professionals are nowadays facing new challenges due to cultural differences in the explanation for the cause of disease and the interpretation of symptoms. Cultural diversity in health care poses a challenge to service providers who need to manage complex differences in communication styles, attitudes as well as expectations. 
Where are we?
Migrant Health Liaison Office is located at 7, Harper Lane, Floriana, FLR 1940
Telephone numbers: 00356-25576188

The objectives of the unit are:  
  • Liaising with government departments, agencies and other entities to address issues pertaining to migrant health
  • Provision of health education sessions to migrants in open centres
  • Assisting migrants in accessing health care through the right channels
  • Delivery of the Training Programme for Cultural Mediators in Health Care
  • In-service studies
  • Education and training for health and social care professionals and university students on the topic of Cultural Issues in Health Care, Female Genital Mutilation, human trafficking, etc.
  • Provision of translated materials (booklets and posters) for migrants on health topics
  • Participation in EU programmes, seminars and workshops on the issue of migration and health