Education and Training for Professionals
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Education and Training for Professionals

2022  Information session on FGM for frontliners                                   14th November 2022 and 15th December 2022
 Lecture Centre, MHS, AttardPoster FGM Health and Social Care Professionals.jpg
15th February 2022

Poster FGM.jpg

2022  Information session on Human Trafficking and Sex Workers Programme
Poster_info sessions.jpg

2021: Cultural Competence Toolkit

Tool_Monitoring and assessing- cultural competence.pdfTool_Monitoring and assessing- cultural competence.pdf

2019    October/November: Training Roll-Out (11 trainings as part of the PROTECT Project)

SGBV Poster.jpg

2019   September: Human TraffickingSession for Social Workers​
  2. Poster HT_SW_APPOGG.jpg

  2019   May: FGM Session for Social Workers
2. Poster FGM_SW_APPOGG.jpg

   2019   May: FGM Session for Teachers 
1. Poster FGM_Teachers.jpg

  • 2019  April/May:  FGM sessions with new recruits at the Academy for Disciplined                                               Forces,  Ta' Kandja
  2. Poster FGM_LEOs.jpg

   2019 April:  Cultural Competence-EMM4 Migration Governance Traineeship (ICMPD)
   2019  March:  Cultural Diversity in Health and Social Care - Vocational Education                                          Programme UoM

​   2019   March: Child Primary Health Seminar

                                  Beyond the physical realm of health care

Chld health seminar.jpg

   2018 January:  Cultural Competence:  
            Working in a Multicultural Environment_Saint Vincent De Paul long term facility
Cultural Competence Poster
  • 2017  October:  Portrait of Migration Project: Mosta Youth Empowerment Centre. 
​                               ​Expereinces and Changes 
Image result for mosta empowerment centreDSC09836.jpg

  • 2017  October:  Refugee Focal Points Training_UNHCR
UNHCR logo
  • 2017  July:  Understanding Cutural Competence - VGH Gozo General Hospital

  • 2017  May:  Understanding Cultural Competence-MCAST Campus Gozo

Image result for mcast gozo logo
  • 2017  March:    Raising Awareness on Female Genital Mutilation

Police logo.jpg                      Malta Police Academy                          

  • 2017  March:  Raising Awarenes on Female Genital Mutilation

 Appogg logo                APPOGG-Social Workers

  • 2017   February

 UoM logo.jpg        University Students FHS:  Cultural Diversity in Health Care

  • 2017  January:

HDRC Logo.png     HDRC sessions:  Transcultural Medicine

  • 2016    November:

          EQUIHealth EU Project:  Heidelberg University Hospital

The Migrant Health Liaison Office participated in the delivery of a 2-day training for health professionals.  This training was organised in view of the sudden influx of migrants in Germany in 2015.  Thirty health professionals attended the training.   

Sessions on Cultural Competence and Intercultural Communication were delivered by MHLO


  • 2016   October  

    Migration and Health: cultural and psychosocial challenges

       CARE EU Project - WP7

                Training Seminar: 25th-28th October 2016

 FLyer_Migration and Health

  • ​2016   July:  The Migrant Health Liaison Office particpated in the training 
​                         'Introductory Training Course on Cultural Mediation' in Ljubljana. 

Fourteen participants from Syria, Afghanistan, Congo, Mali, Slovenia, Kosovo, Jordan, Sudan and Kenya attended the training.  The training was organised by IOM Slovenia in collaboration with the University of Ljubljana.

 Banner_Training in Ljubljana.jpg
  • 2016   May:   Talk on Cultural Competence to MA Transcultural Counseling students,  University of Malta 
  • 2016  April/May:  Participation in Training for Border Police: Police Academy
  • 2015 Nov:  Human Trafficking Awareness Training for Health Professionals 
     Flyer_Human Trafficking
  • 2015  July Addressing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) 
​                     Nurses/midwives at Mater Dei Hospital
  • 2015 April - HDR Session for GP Specialist Training Programme in Family Medicine 

    • 2015 - EQUIHealth Training roll-out for Health Professionals continued from 2014:

      BSc Nursing Students

      BSc Community Nurses

      Diploma Nursing Students

      Staff nurses working in surgical units

    • 2015 March-April:

    Training in Intercultural Competence in​ the Public Service

Intercutural Training for TCNs.jpg 

    • 2014  Nov/Dec:

Migration and Associated Challenges

(EQUI-Health EU Project-IOM)

    Agenzija Appogg -Agenzija Sedqa - Agenzia Access - LEAP Social Mentors

Flyer Appogg.pdfFlyer Appogg.pdf

What the participants said:      

             ‘I found the training interested because it made me aware of certain issues such as the different cultures and their     rituals, rules to observe while having contact with migrants in the presence of an interpreter, taking care of ourselves by receiving the immunisations required to safe guard our health, and also lots of information about the different types of status an immigrant have.  Such training is very important because it helps me acquire more skills in how to handle situations when working with immigrants.’  
Josephine Muscat (Agenzija Appogg)
'The training was very interesting because Ihad the opportunity to learn further about different cultures and their traditions.'The training was very interesting because Ihad the opportunity to learn further about different cultures and their traditions.'    
Victoria Spagnol (Agenzia Appogg )
'Very informative and well structured both in content and delivery'
 Tanya Chetcuti (Agenzija Sedqa)
'I found the training to be very important and relevant for us to know in our work.'
Gilian Balani (Agenzia Appogg)
I found the training to be interesting, very applicable to real life situations and easy to follow. Trainer was very flexible and knowledgeable. Thanks'
Charlene Martin (Agenzija Appogg)
    • 2014  Nov

Migration and Associated Challenges

(EQUI-Health EUproject) 

LEAP! Social Mentors

    • 2014  May - Community Nursing Students: BSc Transcultural Care Module
  • 2012 April - Environmental Health Directorate

                                            Cultural Mediators in Health Care