360° One Stop Shop Service Concept
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360° One Stop Shop Service Concept

The launch of the 360° One Stop Shop Concept in 2014 successfully eliminated the previous bureaucratic 
procedures and introduced new and simplified processes that allow timelier access to treatment without 
compromising verification and accountability.

This new approach decreased the patients’ waiting time for access to Government’s free pharmaceutical 
treatment from the previous 3 to 4 weeks wait to a ‘same day service’. This Service is benefited from an
average of 200 patients on a daily basis.

The 360 ° One Stop Shop Service Concept combines under one roof the following services:

a)  The POYC Scheme Registration and issuance of the POYC Scheme Membership Card
b)  The approval of free Entitlement and the issuance of the Schedule V Documents in line with legislation 
know as the Yellow Document
c) The approval and issuance/renewal of the Dangerous Drug Card known as the White Card.

The POYC Unit also offers an administration of Oath Service in specific situations when the 

White Card is lost.