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Schedule V

Patients are entitled to free medicinal treatment by virtue of the Social Security Act Cap 318 Article 23 and the amendement of this act - Act No. I of 2012​ and the Fifth Schedule to the same Act. This originated from the 1956 National Assistance Act. The list of conditions that are covered by the Fifth Schedule covers a total of seventy-nine conditions. Any patient suffering from a chronic condition which is listed under the second part of the Fifth Schedule of the Social Security Act is entitled to free medication for that specific disease and entitlement is based solely upon the presence of disease irrespective of means, income or age. 

In order to become entitled to receive free medications under the Schedule V scheme, patients suffering from the listed conditions must be referred to a Consultant within the Government Health Service. The Consultant can apply for a Schedule​ V card for the patient, listing the medicines required by the patient. Such cards cannot be transferred from one patient to another. The Schedule V card is issued from the Schedule V Office, St. Luke's Hospital. Patients holding Schedule V cards are only entitled to those medicines listed on the card. Patients suffering from different chronic conditions usually have more than one card.
To improve patient care, a change in prescriber criteria has been made. All Medical Practitioners, i.e. doctors working within the National Health Services and private doctors, can change the dose of treatment for the below mentioned conditions when an item is marked on the formulary as 'Medical Practitoners' or 'Consultant'. This includes also protocol regulated items. (Medicines that require permit/approval)
  1. Hypertension
  2. Diabetes Mellitus
  3. Chronic Heart Failure
  4. Asthma
  5. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  6. Treatment for hypercholesterolaemia under the respective Schedule V conditions
  7. Chronic Mood Disorders
  8. Chronic Neurotic Disorders​


Entitlement – Schedule V Diabetes Mellitus Condition
In line with the new Health Policy Strategy the diabetic patients holding a valid Schedule V (Yellow Document) shall be entitled to:
​1. New medicines
​2. Blood Sugar monitoring sticks
​3. Sight glasses
​4. Free Dental treatment
​5. Antibio​tics
​6. Insulin Syringes
​7. Aqueous Cream
​8. Rebates on Telecare Services

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