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Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) is commited to excellence in granting of entitlement to free medical products and all related services.

POYC aims to achieve excellence in the provision of pharmaceutical services and to promote a patient-centric service.


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Pharmacy Of Your Choice Unit
St. Luke's Hospital

Pharmacy Of Your Choice Unit
Triq l-Arċisqof Pietru Pace

Malta: 22481800
Gozo: 21561606​

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500,000 prescriptions done digitally so far this year

500,000 prescriptions have been issued using the computerised platform for POYC prescriptions, which was first rolled out two and a half years ago, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne announced on Friday.

Speaking at the Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) Offices at St. Luke’s Hospital, Dr Fearne said that the system which had originally been launched in Health Centres,  was extended to private family doctors last October.  

Since then, the total number of doctors using the system has risen to 284.  Medical Practitioners are being encouraged to use this system rather than handwritten prescriptions as it leads to better patient safety and is more secure and efficient.

The system removes any possible risk related to pharmacists being unable to read hand written prescriptions.  Moreover the digital record forms part of the patient’s online health record  – which patients can access directly through the myHealth system.  Doctors who need to know what medication their patient is on, especially in emergency situations, also have access to this information leading to safer and improved patient care. 

The system is also cost effective as it reduces waste in terms of over dispensing of medicine, whilst avoiding doctors having to write out new prescriptions when the patient’s treatment does not change.

Currently 30% of POYC prescriptions are being issued electronically.  The next phase in this project is to integrate the prescribing system with the POYC dispensing system used by pharmacies, thereby completely eliminating the need for a printed prescription.  Once this phase is complete, the aim is for the absolute majority of POYC prescriptions to be issued using this system.


Patients with rare medical conditions may now collect medicines from their pharmacy of choice

As from this week patients with rare medical conditions will no longer have to collect their medicines from Mater Dei Hospital but will be able to collect them from a pharmacy of their choice within their community. About 70 medicines specifically for rare conditions will be available in their chosen pharmacy for the 120 patients needing them and are entitled to them.

During a medi
a conference in a Paola dispensary, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne, said the 70 different medicines are specifically obtained for those that need them.

Minister Fearne said these are financed by €2.5 million paid for by the Government. He said rare medical conditions occur at intervals and it is senseless to keep stocks of medicines of this nature; thus when a condition occurs these are brought specifically according to need.

He said such rare conditions may affect babies but also the elderly and these are provided with appropriate medicines as well as necessary apparatus such as tubes as well as nutritionally related items.

Dr Fearne said that in all 140,000 persons obtain a service from 220 pharmacies within the community which are involved in the Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) Scheme, a scheme that distributes 250 million medicinal products annually against a Government expenditure of €28 million.​


Validity of Schedule V extended to ten years and the Inception of “CARE”

143,000 patients benefiting from Pharmacy of Your Choice Scheme will now be benefiting from 2 initiatives to further improve the national service related to free medical treatment.

As from May 2019, Schedule V documents which previously had a validity period of 5 years, will be automatically extended for a further 5 years, bringing their validity period to 10 years.

This will benefit up to 3000 patients each month, as these will not need to have their Schedule V document renewed, unless they need to change their entitlement.

This Complements other simplification and patient-centric measures that have been introduced by POYC including the Delivery to the Home Scheme for persons aged 70 and over and for persons with disability, the Coeliac Voucher Scheme, where vouchers are now being mailed to entitled persons, and the One Stop Shop service offered through the Gwardamangia, Mater Dei, Paola and Gozo offices of POYC.

In addition, in March 2019, POYC launched “CARE”, an ICT system which provides comprehensive information on patient entitlements and related POYC services to medical practitioners in real time.  This system is being rolled out to medical practitioners enabling these to apply for Schedule V entitlements electronically, with all the necessary patient information being available at the touch of a button.  This facility should help improve patient safety and reduce waste.​



POYC 10th Anniversary

POYC celebrated its 10th Anniversary​. An event was held on Monday at Villa Arrigo, Naxxar to mark the occasion.

The staff, colleagues and stakeholders present were addressed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, the Honorable Chris Fearne, the POYC Chief Executive Officer, Celia Falzon, the President, GRTU – Malta Chamber of SMEs, Pharmacy Section and Mary Ann Sant Fournier, President, Malta Chamber of Pharmacists.

A big thank you to all those present for joining us to mark our 10th year of operation.

Thank you to all staff past and present, all stakeholders including pharmacists, pharmacy owners, the constituted bodies, the Central Procurement and Supplies Unit, the Department for Pharmaceutical Affairs and the Malta Medicines Authority, and many others who were instrumental in making the POYC service and the Department a success.

We promise to continue striv​ing to provide the 153,000 patients who make use of the POYC scheme and the other schemes operated by the POYC with the best service possible.


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