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The Educational Outreach Programme

The introduction of the POYC Unit’s Technical Outreach Service Progamme

The intent is to extend and enhance our current Client Support Service to include also an Outreach Service where the patients and organisation can access advice related to the management of pharmaceuticals.   The areas covered by our Outreach Service  include:

   1.        The Brown Bag Programme: By Appointment

Patients can bring all their prescription medications and the over-the-counter drugs for screening to identify possible interactions and side effects

    2.        Educational Presentations: By Appointment

Interested groups will be able to attend to presentations on the management of specific conditions and treatment.  This material will also be available on the POYC Unit’s Website.

    3.        On-site Counselling:  By Appointment

Periodic visits scheduled to the Elderly Homes, the disabled and needy during which it would be possible to discuss medication questions and concerns, provide educational information concerning treatment and medication.

    4.        Participation in Health Fairs

The POYC Unit’s services will be showcased in applicable Fairs to increase public awareness of the services that we offer and to welcome invitations to our Outreach Programmes.

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