Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

​Who can benefit from the POYC Scheme?

The POYC Scheme is open only to those patients who are entitled to benefit from the Government’s free pharmaceutical service in terms of Government’s policy or legislation regulating the entitlement for free pharmaceutical services. Those patients who reside in the localities wherein the POYC Scheme is operational must register with a pharmacy of their own choice within their locality to become eligible and start benefiting from the Scheme. 


How can patients register with the POYC Sche​me?

To register with the POYC Scheme, patients must observe the following steps: 



    1. Patients must choose a pharmacy from within their locality that is participating in the POYC Scheme
    2. Inform the Pharmacist in the particular pharmacy that she wishes to register with the POYC Scheme
    3. Obtain the POYC Scheme ​Registration Form from that Pharmacy

    H​ow do patients fill-in the POYC Scheme Registration Form?

    The POYC Scheme Registration Form is divided into 3 Sections. Each Section must be duly filled-in as follows:

    1. Section 'A' must be filled-in by the patient. Each patient must have one Registration Form.
    2. Section 'B' must be filled-in by the managing pharmacist of the particular pharmacy.
    3. Section 'C' must be filled-in by the medical practitioner / family doctor, and this Section, must reflect the patient's pharmaceutical entitlement according to the patient's valid entitlement cards / permits. 



    After the Registration Form is duly filled-in, the patient must also attached photocopies of the following documents: 
    1. The Entitlement Cards [Schedule V – Yellow, Schedule II – Pink]. Please, make sure that the Cards are valid and carry the rubber stamp of the medical consultant.
    2. The special medicine entitlement permit [were applicable] together with the photocopy of the letter from             MEU showing permission for the specific medication.
    3. MDH 145 “To Whom It May Concern” note which lists the medications that accompanies the Pink Card.
    4. Copy of the patient’s ID Card





    Once the Registration Form is completed and the necessary photocopies made and attached, it must be either returned together with the supporting documents to the Managing Pharmacist of the particular local pharmacy or posted to the POYC Unit, or personally delivered to the POYC Unit [Contact Us].
    In the event that, upon receipt at POYC Unit, any of the above requested documents is missing, the POYC Unit would return the Registration Form to the patient together with a letter indicating the missing information / documents required.
    NOTE: The POYC Unit will not be in a position to process the Registration Form unless all the required information is available.




    Patients will receive the necessary notification from the POYC Unit in the form of a VOUCHER LETTER . This will allow them to collect their medicines / pharmaceuticals from their chosen pharmacy within 1 week of the voucher date.


    1. Patients will not be able to collect any medicines / pharmaceuticals before their current stock is finished.
    2. Pateints will only be able to redeem their medicines / pharmaceuticals from the pharmacy shown in the voucher letter.




    The POYC Unit will automatically send a new voucher letter to the patients 2 weeks before the expiry of the existing Voucher Letter. However, in the event that the voucher letter would not reach the patient in due time, the patient is kindly asked to Contact the Client-Care sevice at the POYC Unit.



    When the Voucher Letter is lost, patients are kindly asked to contact Client-Care Service​, POYC Unit

    How often will patients need to go to the local pharmacy to collect the medicines / pharmaceuticals?


    Patients are to collect their medicines / pharmaceuticals from their local pharmacy every 56 days.

    NOTE: Controlled Drugs [GREEN prescriptions] are to dispensed every 28 days

    What do patients need to take with them to collect their medicines / pharmaceuticals from their local pharmacy?


    To be able to collect medicines / pharmaceuticals from their local pharmacy, patients need to present the following documents/ permits to the pharmacist:
    1. The complete Voucher Letter
    2. A valid prescription by a medical practitioner
    3. The Entitlement Card/s
    4. The relevant Permits
    5. Copy of the patient’s ID card
    NOTE: When collecting Controlled Drugs, together with the above patients are also required to present:
    1. A valid GREEN prescription [which is valid for only ONE month from issue date]
    2. A valid Control Card duly filled-in by the medical practitioner.


    What do patients need to do when they have a change in their treatment / medication?


    When patients have a change in their treatment / medication they must immediately notify the managing pharmacist of their local pharmacy. The pharmacist, then, will make the necessary arrangements so that their entitlement will be adjusted accordingly. Changes in treatment can include:
    1. Change in present dose and / or medication
    2. Suspension and/ or replacement of present treatment
    3. Introduction of new treatment /medication
    NOTE: Patients must also: 
    • Ensure that the additional medicines / pharmaceuticals have been endorsed by a medical consultant
    • Update their Schedule V [Yellow] Card at the MAS Office, St Luke' Hospital, G'Mangia
    • Present the original and photocopies [together with any necessary Permits] for any new medicines / pharmaceuticals to the managing pharmacist of their local pharmacy.



    A Change in pharmacy will only be accepted when: 


    1. A new Registration Form is forwarded to the POYC Unit, with Part A and Part B [indicating the name of the new pharmacy] duly filled-in.
    2. A valid reason for the change is submitted in writing with the new 'Registration Form' is received at the POYC Unit.​


    NOTE: The patient will eventually receive a Voucher Letter with the new pharmacy name. The new Voucher Letter will indicate the due date for the collection of medicines / pharmaceuticals from the new pharmacy.