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The National Coeliac Scheme

The National Coeliac Scheme 

Coeliac disease is one of the chronic conditions included in the Social Security Act Cap 318 Article 23 and the Fifth Schedule of the same Act. ​Patients who suffer from Coeliac Disease can apply to receive vouchers for gluten free foods. 

The application is made through Consultant Gastroenterologists, Consultant Paediatricians or Consultant Surgeons following the Government formulary and the respective Protocol. A Schedule V document is then issued together with a permit with which coeliac patients will be entitled to a monthly monetary voucher. ​

Vouchers: Patients 60 years old and over and those receiving social benefits will receive €50 voucher monthly whereas the rest of the patients receive €45 monthly.

Click here ​for the official list of private economic operators currently participating in the Scheme across Malta and Gozo offering gluten free products.