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For a person to be able to practice as a nurse in Malta, first he/she needs to submit the relative application supported by the documents as requested by the Council for Nurses and Midwives and, if approved by the Council, have his/her name entered in one of the Registers of Nurses held by the Council for Nurses and Midwives.​​

Registrations of Nurses/Midwives who have completed their Diploma or Degree in 2020 from University of Malta or MCAST
The Council for Nurses and Midwives would like to inform you that as soon as the official academic transcripts and results have been published by the University of Malta / MCAST, thus confirming that you have successfully completed your Diploma/Degree in Nursing or Midwifery, you will be eligible to apply for a temporary registration as a nurse /midwife with the Council which will entitle you to start employment as a nurse/midwife.

Once the official graduation certificate is presented to the Council, registration will be on a permanent​ basis.

Please note that you are to apply only when all the requested documents are available, applications without the all the documents requested will not be processed.

Application for registration and requested documents are to be sent only by e mail though attached word document and proof of payment of registration fee of €13.20 to and subject is to read:-

Application for registration as a Nurse / Midwife (UOM)

 Application for registration as Nurse (MCAST)


Practicing as a Nurse / Midwife in Malta - NON EU Trained Nurses and Midwives


Due to the current situation, the Council is not open for public.
Applications can be sent via email and in the case of non EU trained persons please attach scanned documents as per     Application non EU online File.docxApplication non EU online File.docx to
Payments fee of 192.50 euros may be effected as per instructions in application form.
Since cash payments are not being accepted, payment is to be effected either through bank transfer / bank draft or cheque as per payment instructions in application form.
The Council for Nurses and Midwives is still asking for the same requirements as before. 

Applications without all the requirements as explained in the application form will not be processed.

Language requirements have not been changed, applications without IELTS academic with an average score of at least 6 (however IELTS certificates with the required score, which have expired beyond their 2 year validity will be considered by the Council in case of applicants who are currently working in Malta)  or OET with scores of B in speaking and at least C+ in writing, reading and listening cannot be accepted. 

Please do not send any applications unless you have all the requirements as fee of 192.50 is not refundable.

Renewal of nursing registration of NON EU trained Nurses and Midwives

Registered nurses and midwives who have been granted temporary registration and need to apply for renewal of the registration, are to send the documents listed below by email  to

1. Email asking to renew the registration with updated personal details and address.
2. Copy of Identity card.
3. Reference letter from employer/s of the last two years to confirm that you have been employed as a nurse for the last two years (renewal of registration is subject to the registered nurse/midwife having been practicing the nursing /midwifery profession in Malta)
4. Recent Police Conduct certificate or GP 47 in case of nurses who are employed as a Staff Nurse with the government.


Nursing Licence

Application for Nursing Licence.pdfApplication for Nursing Licence.pdf

Legal notice.pdfLegal notice.pdf

Procedures to apply for the nursing Licence.pdfProcedures to apply for the nursing Licence.pdf

Verification certificate / Good Standing

Application for verification certificate /certificate of good standing be sent by email on

K​indly include all your full  name, ID card number, registration number address  and fee of 13.20 euros.



In cases of dispute between the Council’s / Committee’s and the applicant;                                                                                                                                                                   
In accordance to Health Care Professions Act 2003, Cap 464, a person may file an appeal with the Appeals Committee within 20 calendar days from the date of the correspondence received from the Council for Nurses and Midwives

Please contact Dr. Anthony Gatt Secretary to the Appeals Committee, by sending an email at​ for further information regarding this process.​