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Application Forms & Procedures


The Medical Council Malta is the competent authority for the registration and regulation of Medical Practitioners and Dental Surgeons in Malta.  It is not the competent authority for employment matters.  Registration with the Medical Council Malta gives the right to seek employment in Malta, but it does not provide employment automatically.  Please also note that it is a criminal offence to work as a Medical Practitioner in the Republic of Malta, without holding registration with the Medical Council.
The Medical Council processes applications in line with the provisions of the Health Care Profsession ACT (HCPA) 2003, Chap 464 of the Laws of Malta and those of the EU Directive 2005/36/EC.
The Medical Council will only be able to assist you once a duly filled application form, having enclosed all the requested documentation is received.
Foy any queries about applications and registration with the Medical Council Malta, kindly contact us by email at
 - Application for Full(Permanent) or Temporary Registration for Medical Practitioner and Dental Surgeons
 - Application for Full(Permanent) Registration for Medical Practitioner after completion of the Malta
Foundation Programme
  -  Explanatory Notes for Medical Practitioners
- Application for Full/Permanent Registration for Dental Surgeons who have attained their primarily dental
qualitifcation from the University of Malta
- Application for Provisional Registration
  Please refer to the webpage 'Provisional Registration'
- Application to be included in the Specialist Register held by the Medical Council Malta
  -  Procedure
- Provision of Temporary Service for Medical Practitioners and Dental Surgeons
For information about Registration in Malta, please send an email at
For information about related Laws, Regulations and guidelines, please access link.
If you are in disagreement with the decision taken by the special licensing committee regarding your application, you have a right to appeal in accordance to Health Care Professions Act 2003, Cap 464. You may file an appeal in writing with the Appeals Committee within 20 calendar days from the date of the decision.  Please contact Dr. Anthony Gatt MD, DIP IMC (Ed), MSc, MMCFD Secretary to the Appeals Committee, by sending an email at
European Certificate of Current Professional Status (Good Standing) - (sample document issued by the Medical Council)