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Annual Reports & other Publications

Medical Council Malta Announcement regarding Equality Bill

Suggested Amendments to the Equality Bill - Medical Council Malta’s position (28 August 2020).

The Medical Council Malta has put forward the following amendment to the Equality Bill. This, in the interest of patient safety and keeping in mind professional autonomy.

 In clause 6, after sub-article (1) there shall be added the following new sub-article (2): “A health care professional is under no obligation to participate in any procedure or administer treatment, when such professional considers these objectionable as a matter of conscience and declares his objection beforehand. The health department is obliged to ensure widespread availability of information pertaining to all legal health services including a list of healthcare workers or institutions providing such services as well as their contact information.”

Further to the suggested amendment above, the Medical Council​ Malta would like to inform registered professionals and the general public that a guidance document is being drafted.



The Annual Reports published by the Medical Council of Malta seek to provide a comprehensive, far from exhaustive, and transparent account of all the work performed by the Medical Council and an overview of its role within the Maltese, EU and Internal scenarios.  These Reports clearly illustrate that the Medical Council of Malta, its Members and administration, are each year exposed to an exhaustive serious of new challenges and experiences, which contributed to the strengthening and empowering of the Medical Council within its environments.  These Reports address the following areas:
Composition of the Medical Council of Malta:
The Annual Reports begin with a general overview of the composition of the Medical Council and the changes experienced over the years.  The Elections of the Medical Council Members and the Nomination of the Members by the Prime Minister occur every three years, however, changes may occur at any time.  The Reports also provide an account of the Council’s Sub-committees which are entrusted which particular tasks.
Keeping of the Registers:
The Reports provide an account of the main task of the Medical Council as stipulated by the HCPA 2003, Chapter 464 of the Laws of Malta, which concerns the keeping of the Registers.  These provide an account of the various types of registration granted during the years .  This is witness to a constant increase in the number of registrations granted. 
The Regulatory Role of the Medical Council:
The Annual Reports provide an overview of the regulatory role exercised by the Medical Council by providing a summary of the disciplinary actions and the related decisions delivered by the Council.  An account of the appeals filed with the Health Care Professions Board and the that of the Cases filed in Courts of Malta against the Council is also given.
Challenges and Future Plans:
The Reports end with a brief overview of the matters being experienced by the Medical Council throughout its operations, and the future plans of the Council in order to be better equipped to address these issues.  
The Annual Reports of the Medical Council of Malta:
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Quality Assurance report on the Foundation School Malta, February 2011 (download Report). 
In 2011, the Foundation School Malta has been granted re-affiliation by the UKFPO.

Quality Assurance Report on the Foundation School Malta, July 2012 (download Report).
Quality Assurance Report on the Foundation School Malta, January 2015 (download Report).
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** A hard copy may be obtained by sending a request by email to