Client Intervention Programmes
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Client Intervention Programmes

The AAC Club Group sessions provide training to individuals using Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The sessions target seven different levels of communication. Individuals will be placed in one of the stages, depending on their performance in an initial screening test. The sessions will provide an opportunity for individuals to use their AAC systems functionally. Training and activity ideas will be provided to parents and carers.

The programme is adapted from The AAC Language Lab developed by Prentke Romich Company and the target groups are as follows: 

Level 0: Individuals at the Cause-and-effect stage
Level 1: Individuals using single words (singing, pictures, single message communicators) 
Level 2: Individuals using two and three word phrases (singing, pictures, single message communicators) 
Level 3: Individuals building phrases and early sentences 
Level 4: Individuals learning grammar and sentence structure 
Level 5: Using sentences and phrases 
Level 6: Using correct grammar and complex sentence structures